Robot cities modules as smallest initially particles of mega (cell) production model. Definition. Part 3.a.


Automatic domino effect – geometric progress does not have a lot of robots and big costs to start this circulation mega production process of ….a new life, new economy.
New future for new evolutionary robotic towns domino effect for support and develop our life, our environment, our enterprises.

It is a historic moment for …jump or step for further development.
There is no time for a wait – but… “waist” time. We have to do something not only vision poetry or just production … but such “waisting” time of /for… fun mega production- like game or toy exercise, or enterprise for further development (more) creation (more like just strict production).  /such apparently no reason phenomena situations exist in nature-evolution everywhere/

The entire process of the mega production( self-duplicating of robot groups) would remind self-propelling evolution of computers from bigger ones to miniatures but really by full automation. For further models (mega)productions like by evolution of variable car models aiming to minimize and improve these robotic cities models and further substitute (improve)…atoms,  cells, whole areas of any enterprises etc as soon as possible.

To be continued


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