Megaproduction model definition part3.c. 3 d printer and a set of robots as an autonomous cell-factory.


3 d printer and a set of robots as an autonomous cell-atom for further duplication in various types as a basic component and a condition for megaproduction and further development. With further ever faster improvement, acceleration of a multiplication of this structure, it will be possible to further influence on mass scale structures, their density, gravitational relation, densification … What in further consequence will affect a possibility of an increasingly more powerful mass effect on a transformation in nature in a macro version, e.g. fast transformation – absorption of the moon, planets-their parts too (eg mercury, mars … the Earth, etc.), … stars and in a micro version of the atomic, cellular … life structures we are interested in.

This model can fundamentally influence by a variability – modeling – principles and “laws” of nature on the structures known to us (passively and statically) for today.

Let start this megaproduction – intentional evolution effect

to be continued with small steps of the transformation model (of law) of our life- existence- and nature – the universe…with d factor – E=m(c+d)2

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