Megaproduction. Definition. Part 4. Producing “metal quantum birds” as just a business plan. Admission-outline.


“a holiday puzzle rebus”

Just a business plan – Business enterprise.
We should treat it- my project, which is more of as kind of our health and an environment … efficiency improvement.

Another science dogma?
No, but only a modest economic production project of a total reconstruction of all known structures…whole space in our structures of life and it is according to consumption needs – a mechanism of consumption development.

climatic… needs
This technology will help you to achieve a better life with our global and cosmic needs …on our bodies level as well.

proposal of/for total changes of a permanent, irreversible and progressive character, changing the world, and… the absolute technological explosions. Its size and consequents are unimaginable.

Can we start this process of megaproduction today?
It has already started. This series of articles /having thousands of fans in almost every country-90%/ and books have started this process. Will you be able to capture (reconstructions of normal particles, cells etc…from “normal” bird – until airplane and more evolution) this technologically supernova-called metal quantum bird? Yes, we must do it. This is our destiny.

First balloon, airplane -wood-,metal-bird.
body-free of a brain? torso, a head without hands?… no more-  we must got a advice about the  evolution effectiveness of our informatics technology but also very neglected  strictly productive technology one

metal quantum bird

thank you
For your maths, physics but…they are not only arguments for shaping our present and our future!

quantum bird in a cage? …no more

A faster quantum drone than a quantum bird
E(mc2) can be equal to 4 equals 2plus2 but also the 4 or E be as 80divided into 20 one-millionths of 4 million etc- this arbitrary interpretation of these and other formulas(dogmas) so far static… full of relativism /or not/of interpretation or out of an enchanted circle of “inviolable laws and dogmas

We don’t-have to- copy any old! structures!

…using any sources and new
further restructured sources for further (no restrictions) expansions to our programs and … dreams

“D”- dynamic factor
the fact that these fields of growing are being miniaturized/and multiplicated/ by their own new perception thus productions(speedy duplications); and creating rights … to life. This is the main motive for this model, definition, and new law – a model (a completely new genome also) of life and the cosmos without borders, without strict schema of construction. Then we will be partners who can rule- on our conditions-  equal to any/known/ forces of nature. We were able to overcome the speed of sound, stand on the moon and we will … be able to stand (literally!) on each star (The Sun too!)too.
So let’s start the mega-productions for us, our future for today!
We can be growing faster and faster. Our dynamic insert for mega (cell) micro-factories nature (r)evolution. This is the dynamic factor e.g.”…” new “quantum arrangements – E = mc … 2” …- the “new” speed of “light”.

to be continued of the explanation shortness .

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