Megaproduction= intentional evolution. Part 4. Admission-outline.

In my articles, do I break all known regulations? and rules. Yes and no.
Do not allow the current status quo. All codes and barriers to growth will be broken unceremoniously.
Among others, concerning the climate change, technological, social, economic and scientific breakthrough, which provides a foundation for total changes that will be presented here.
 It is not about ceasing of keep memories and every existence of each person, but rather to save each one of us by effectively observing/=shaping/ life conditions according to our dreams in the infinite space of cosmos and life.
It is not about the virtual game but about the impact on all the processes on earth, space and … ourselves.
We are able to catch those calls and dreams that even we did not even dream about.
This is, of course, a difficult subject where on the run, not according to static dogmas, the most important decisions will be made.
This is one of the elements of this megaproduction of growth actually according to each of us.
I will present tools for each individual to meet the demands of our infinite development potential because we are not stones but equal partners ( in the possibly most secure way), shaping the direction of the evolution of the entire cosmos and our own life.
To be continued

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