Megaproduction. Industrial background for a (more naturally) pursuit of nature in designated directions. Definition. part 6.a.


A purpose of megaproduction – the whole project – creating understanding of rules needed for massive  surpassing natural structures such as bird fly for achieving satisfying (higher than this natural bird ) achievements in flying and adequately in terms of flight efficiency / speedeg millions of times faster than the speed of light-  , longevity and so on / also by  natural structures in chemistry, physics, biology like an atom or cell.

It is this (mega) production of supported consumption (its mechanism of development) that is to have an enormous impact, and more precisely its industrial park, service, in this case, the proposed self-replicating automatic production plants, can be
a foundation for cascading transformations of nature in potentially interesting us directions of evolution, life, and the whole environment (global, universe) development.

The very theory of science without a really powerful industrial park cannot go more efficient beyond barriers of achievement and perception in nature. The science (technological ability), a perception of an environment affects further development (eg urbanism, space technology, planetary, cellular engineering). For example, E = mc2 has been based on current – primitive – perceptive and production abilities.

To be continued of increasing an environmental remodeling(megaproduction) to determine a direction of development for our interesting life and space aspects.

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