Megaproduction for breaking an enchant (hypocritical) circle of evolution of whole nature. Developmental consequences. Part 1.

Defining megaproduction as a basis for wider perception and thus shaping the entire environment – inside and outside of man’s body-  from atomic quark until interstellar dimensions.

The new (mega) technological potential insists on a blurred view of the nature of nature from biology – defining without limiting length and protecting life on levels we can set according to our needs, to physics such as going beyond the circle of “Einstein’s” law (in which Newtonian circle is included).

Keeping invariable axioms ( eg E= mc2…instead of …quarks, cell, genome structures replacement)  still present with current technological potential – if finally, we will use it – will be not only stupid but a blind fraud, which should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity – for depriving it of opportunities from ecological and development stresses to protect the whole life of all humanity and its environment.

The definition of megaproduction gives grounds for a new industrial (hyper)revolution on a scale of transformations between planetary, between stellar … between galactic and
as well as mass ultra nano cascade modification of structures on atomic and biological properties levels.

It gives a new view .. and practically steps of/for… our life, our history, and our future of our society, economy etc.

to be continued



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