MegaProduction. Development consequences. “”Time””. Part 2.a.


We are talking here about total consequences in an approach and setting up our environment (practically the entire known and unknown universe), our life according to our desires and potential of the megaproduction.

We are not talking if… but when we are able to accelerate trillions time the transformations of any elements of nature that interest us.

Consequence – it is important in a new definition of nature as an immanent element of our activity – megaproduction is to understand the wider perceptual and thus practical – technological – look at any processes occurring in nature and possibilities (unlimited control of them).

Just the course of the processes of controlling them changes a picture,  methods of perceiving and … the final … definition of nature and their processes.

It is the mediator, a definition of time, whose immanent synonym was and – unfortunately, is still – the factor of the speed of light as a spatial time-space “meter” gauge. which I have already shown many times, is insufficient form in a ground at least further studies for processing and exploration of nature, cosmos.

This modern “old” definition of time bending (dilatation of time) adequately influenced by gravity and percent of light speed is fundamentally and logically  false, very simplifying describing processes – factors – development in nature (cosmos)… may be sufficient for navigating GPS like was sufficient knowledge  (or lack of it) about orbiting the sun around the earth – or opposite – for water ships navigating many years ago too.

The technology ( definition) of megaproduction of/for more or less known
– or not yet discovered -structures allow for speed up, slow down or even stopping back, moving back according to appropriate production, construction, and reconstruction technologies…get rid of details til now not discovered, not understand of not known –  eg dark matters-  structures of universe, particles, our bodies – ..for example…materially structures of … ghosts of bodies.

to be continued


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