MegaProduction. Development consequences. “”Time””. Part 2.b.


A dynamic approach of our whole surrounding (non-chaotic) found …/divine/ structure of creation is the right way to understand and treat it. Not from a position of a passive worm or stone but homo sapiens.
And here all the structural processes found can be changed, cultivated -like a cultivated field, processed, and hosted according to our needs but not by established barriers and dogmas.
There are endless possibilities of creating, hosting, processing (also totally) any processes in the world around us, the cosmos and microcosmos – included not yet recognized, not yet processed using the proposed very intense developed, programmed self-replication of technological structures in the macro and micro directions.
Controlling on very massive scale processes – at the beginning on free spaces on earth, moon, mercury….sun etc- only on self-replication system will allow us more effectively to control any(more) chemical and physical processes on more and more tiny chemical particles, biological areas known so far only from … spiritual -ghost…dead- stories of shadows of a man and very massive (process)control by self-replicating(robotic) … cascading …
“time”flexibly controlled processes on planets, stars, nano (robotic) … biological cells.

to be continued of heading to megaproduction -…new economy-  more responsible, efficient nature hosting for our life and space.

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