MegaProduction. Development consequences. Re-definition/construction of “”Time”” and…nature. Part 2.c.

Hosting, heading- with unimaginable speed (time)- for friendlier, and more efficient recultivation of our space and life by… a really autarchic /apparently/extraterrestrial economy mostly supported (/interplanetary satellites/telecommunications)peoples mobile applications. A macro-,micro-cosmic accelerator for development.

I warn that my divagations are not definitions of absolute endings and proposals or even sentences. One has to complete them for own needs in a more or less concrete way, apply to further practical actions in many fields of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, technology, economics, space explorations etc.
Very massive and faster automatic exploration of the Moon, Mercury – as a more guaranteed source of (eg solar)energy and construction materials for construction in a super-fast and gigantic process (huge amounts) of bases and rockets – at the beginning of a fully automatic self-replicating system! for further exploration of Mars, space between the planetary, between stellar, distant planets and the Moon, the Sun – the planet of our earth…hyper speedy urbanisation – and further objects will be a further basis and a construct to build a powerful system that is a further basis for further development of technology on a macro( after/on this on micro scale as well) scale of the cosmic process so it will further contribute / how it was used to and is/will in use/for of advances in space technologies to directly our environment and our health (life) also in the micro/nano / … yocto …! versions.

On the margin of this time contractually defined as an absolute measure of any process flow – according to the maximum light speed course of any known process – my footnote!
One will need to find a more stable reference in measuring really ever faster processes in macro and micro space when constructing practically gigantic and faster (any models, structures) new planes in space, which over time as a plane declining the bird at least in terms of speed.

Powerful space constructions, structures that resemble or sometimes overwhelm natural co-processes in the macro and ultimately in the microcosmos, which will be a fundamental ignition, a revolutionary turning point in mastering and economizing our cosmos and our life in a version of intensely interacting macro and micro artificial and natural structures.


to be continued for …leaving /mind/borders of an inability of any spaces and any black holes …literally too! – no one may say anymore that is ever impossible to leave black holes or shaping their structures eventually using their structures/by the way any structures in macro-micro universe/ for further (technologically)explorations, expansions….macro/micro collapsing/explosions development.

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