The law( superior to any laws of physics etc) for/of natural and artificial -magaproduction- development. MegaProduction. Development consequences. Part 3.a.

Actually, my toy/model “playing” by self-replicating -megaproduction- bases or group of robots is more than contemporary cosmic sports -with oldfashioned rockets sending people to other planets – climbing (also playing) -also useful finally for further development /by games and plays as an important factor of creation.
But not by linear or manually constructions, production. This time I speak about an epic scale for bust/from man side/ development-creation
(micro-,macro)cosmic self-developed bases as buster for artificial intelligence and creation(supported by a mobile-applications- community) for further space explorations and life development on feedback domino effect for permanent ever faster acceleration of the whole process.

Concluding in the topic of managing processes “time” reveals a double mechanism/law for natural and at the same time artificial (by man) development of the environment, technology -modern production as an active model of co-responsibility and co-creation with the whole environment.
1– (mega) production through self-replicating systems / it is more natural and -billions time more-effective than linear or manual production.
2production (at a glance unnecessary) toys- models, space gadgets, etc., which in the further stage will be used for production in the macro version or micro more predictable products, which at a higher level will further/parallel continue to produce another toys / models, being further basis for the production (but ever faster)at a higher level,(and so on) – which it is done in fact in the whole nature on basis of/in short-term/ selection of evolutionary development- but this time more supported by the (man)megegaproduction.

To be continued

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