Responsibility and hegemony, control, positioning, classification of any structures/processes thus any natural law. MegaProduction. Development consequences. Part 3.b.

Responsibility, re/definition, re/construction, control of any natural processes – hegemony (refutation of the hegemony of relativistic theory), control, positioning and classification of any natural law…Yes Power…and responsibility of (as really mature children of God) God.

The double (super)law of acceleration of (natural/artificial)self-replicating on feedback effect modeling any structures(features) and processes engineering and development.

We are in competition but also as a partner with nature.
We are equal creators, decision-makers on development, protection of our environment.
Understanding processes, creating processes themselves, controlling processes, a language of the processes is just the language of the creator God, a language of natural/artificial creation (they are blurred here), which we are co-responsible partners.

Is the current civilization, its technology ready to take over the function of God, that is, the responsibility for all processes in us and around us – in the entire known (micro/macro) cosmos?
We have no choice and must take full responsibility for the processes in us (whole life structures), on the earth and beyond it is our (last)chance and opportunity.

There is a need for mental, social and economic preparation to implement reform platforms on a basis of telecommunications, technological
to start the process of righteous entering into the twenty-first century as a responsible civilization, not as vermin of a primitive economy with a zero or even negative result – when it comes to the destruction of existential (ecological) foundations…or ignoring natural/artificial(eco-suicide) threads.

Of course, I am not talking about stopping production, on the contrary in the very active processing of entire areas, space on earth, moon, mercury, sun, mars, venus,…other planets, stars, galaxies and any objects at the rate of geometric progression that surpasses gradually more and more natural processes and constructions in many/different degrees and levels … much more like a cosmic tsunami(new artificial big bang?) that can change along the way, overcome all known planetary, star, interstellar, etc … by saying goodbye (smothering them) with little-not keeping up- structures or civilizations.

to be continued

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