Classification, positioning – a marginalization of main standard structures and processes and their laws. MegaProduction. Development consequences. Part 3.c.

After the last manifesto article needs one a bit more time for interpretation.

Factors to overcome (today’s)natural-measurement and reconstruction- obstacles.

-Towards anti-gravity and anti-aging shields construction.

Hegemony does not mean absolute but the majority,
decisive for directions, determining.
I just deprive this illusion of absolute factors affecting a chosen levels and structures. At each level, you can construct a counter-process that can outweigh factors, processes, and laws over given structures, such as (light)speed, its artificial alternatives more efficient on a selected and new levels of constructors (against the “natural structure of the process) substitutes.

“Marmalade(today’s stand of) duck” natural environment and its laws and
new (megaproduction)material environment and new natural laws of/above this “marmalade” environment law -above a speed of sound, light.
…Construction of a duck and rocket …comparing laws of local velocity relativism as well as building a natural quantum and appropriate reconstructed (using the proposed Megasproduction technology) quantum to the extent of “duck”(means by today’s standard measurement nature) structures, parameters to future parameters of a (new atomic structures/ not on contemporary “marmalade” structures…measurements and constructing/ earlier build on bases of the megaproduction)- more resistant to gravitation)rocket.

Interpretation of natural laws/theories by circles of 3 groups

-as a smaller e.g. (Newtonian)circle of Newtonian laws – a very theoretical approach of natural laws of/by “absolutely neutral” conditions,

-and further second e.g. (Einsteins)circle for a marginalization of Newton’s circle of fundamental laws for/in a broader interpretation, eg relativistic theory for conditions requiring much more precise measurements, behaviors or gigantic undertakings as well,

– in a further third circle (my) more dynamic interpretation, including relativistic theories -marginalizing their meaning- for taking even more precise and powerful /engineering/projects restructuring (locally) natural environment …e.g. bird(atom) to rocket(artificially atom or another nano-object) for different/more powerful enterprises like effective interstellar communications expectancy, life expectancy by very powerful molecular engineering etc.

Similarly, it can be taken economic laws of “invisible hands”
Determining any organization of economic enterprises completely determines marginalization of classic economic laws and its systems.

And of course, that is all above by artificially raise up, feeding (one another) with new models structures by very speedy self-replicating systems earlier described and later/will further be developed.

to be continued ….of the (re)nature (re)interpretation-…gravity shield.

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