Continuity of re/constructing /by Megaproduction /macro/microenvironment. Development consequences. Part 4.b. Total expansion for inner and outer life.

Artificial drove evolution at a distance not only your own planet but also in your own bodies, cells, genes … at a distance by processes of evolutionary… planets – own planet in the first row -… stars etc, biological life (modified – resistance to radiation, longevity etc) of construction according to a scheme of definition the Megaproduction – mutual production larger/smaller self-duplicating models,
further changing physical, chemical parameters, new properties of -artificially evaluated- new structures of elementary particles, cells, etc

Last time I mentioned about a mass shield for…efficient energy exploitation/ exploration for…velocity- practically without any limit. We can even further go on the way of thinking like thinking about really (spaces)ship on water ( eg Higgs field) that one can use as not only as obstacles but also a very good factor as e.g…. gravitation waves – extracting energy- for further more and more efficient way to swim/fly/go!
And so generally about our current view on an environment but in more (micro/macro)broadly and…bold way of thinking.

Presented proposals are for implementation – not whether, not when, but now!
This is within the reach of the generation of our will. Appropriate economic, social, mental and telecommunications preparations on the global, cosmic scale.
I present gradually more and more powerful tools needed to realize a foundation of development at a truly macro and truly micro level – indeed micro-space, on a scale so far not even imagined in the largest dreams.
Divine parts and a divine gift of making decisions – this is not only about acquiring new spaces but a question of our existence of a harmonious mastery of the environment in which we live, an elimination of  negative economic factors determining negative consequences of existential behaviors.

Yes This is a total expansion of internal and external life, a control of life and cosmic processes at a distance – supported by megaproduction and artificial intelligence of ever more powerful computer and logistics systems


More on these and other advanced technological, economic proposals and … opportunities in the next articles.

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