Re/constructing macro/microenvironment. Development consequences. Part 4.c. Finish with lazily looking on God/(or)a fate of natural structures and processes.

From homo sapiens to homo creator.

A path to absolute technological power – by remote modeling self-replicating systems – overall processes and potentials in life and space eg over any speed, any life limits expectancy

Finish with old religion and natural science visions (a monopolistic religion of today) of our fade expectancy or inability for accelerated shaping universe of our life, our planet and …stars.

It’s time to take over our fingers from a God or … nature in management and responding to processes of transforming an entire environment.
Infinitely, unexplored processes, nature’s structures do not say that we can/may not exploit, direct, how to do it like do with a horses, planes, cars, where we will never know to the end …or better, always discovering something new in them, in our whole environment, part of our surroundings, but we can actively participate in re-understanding/constructing this horse, the environment, cells, elementary particles, and any parts or the whole surrounding of us and in ourselves.

We as partners of the whole nature in us and beyond we can/have/will fully intervene in its process, in some cases of – by remote control-accelerating(evolution) or slowing down the so-called biological, climatic and geological evolution of us, our planet and beyond.- so speed up evolution to allow to build bases, towns, changing climates on other planets even not sending satellites…the same artificial remote processing for steering of living processes in our cells etc

Using technology (controlled) self-replication of technological models of cities, cells, spaceships, in various micro and macro versions in different directions of their enlargement or lowering (reciprocal modeling of expansion processes) for interference in any improvement of living conditions, life, development as homo sapiens in every aspect of a functioning of us, our planet and an ever-greater extraterrestrial environment at all possible levels and directions.

It is about direct construction of structures aimed at helping natural way of evolution of development – of expansive development at a geometric and not linear rate!
Accelerating at a distance of processes for climatic and geological transformations on other planets, … stars of our cells, chemical structures, physical etc
Using appropriately generated signals that means God’s(signals) replacement, “randomness”(signals) replacement in managing processes on whole Earth and beyond, on our cells, atoms and inside of them.

Intensification of working out processes of directed self-regulation in nature as its parts in order to better match with it- the nature and God … as a full partnership but at the same time fully co-responsible with whole evolution of the environment.

And all these thanks anyway to the nature of a process of evolution – the generalized modeled, constantly improved, supplemented, self-replicating processes and designing their… properties (and so in further learning and using principles of symmetry of physical, chemical processes etc)!

So finally its time to take bold steps to shape our future of entire nature.

to be continued with ex-planations,-amples of proposed processes

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