Homo creator – constructing directions for development of a whole environment.

Homo creator means more than homo sapiens.
Re/creation of natural structures instead adjusts them.
So finally we should more speak about action to achieve tangible goals for more real development on any issue of our lives personally, socially, economically, politically, technologically, environmentally, biologically, physically etc.

We have to target actions – transforming local, directional environments more for (rehearsals) reconstructions of our surroundings, constructions of structures that can represent or dominate so-called biological or physical nature in us and beyond on various( interested by our needs and capabilities) levels and directions.
For example, /historically/constructing planes in relation faster than bird and sound.

Not permanently defining a status quo of nature, but accelerating modeling, (awakening greater curiosity for transformations, creating rather than adapting), creating-accelerating new micro models to macro size models and vice versa by means of more replication of production in a geometric but non-linear process of the investment development.

So curiosity help by modeling, experimenting for positively, more humanly boosting entire society, technology, and the entire environment.

It’s about modeling and a method of active homo sapiens look and creating on nature – that is, now we should treat each other not as homo sapiens but more as a homo creator for further creation and development with a human sapiens creator -…wiser creator- face.
No anymore with God’s or natures face of fate.

So it is time to treat Earth, us and beyond responsibly without passive looking at nature or God. We are already fully mature children of nature and the God and must have taken full responsibility for shaping our environment, created by us for us directly (extra artificial creation of new ones… people) on foundations for further development and exploration in other spaces too – creating a new Adam and Ewa for cooperation and … play in an infinity of a development of our cosmos and our(not only) life in this cosmos.

to be continued with further steps for our life and space future.

ps, I mentioned symmetry of phenomena in nature like for example E = mc2 or gene logic of controlling biological organisms, where we can also link these missing links to reach a level or balance we are interested in, using additional tools of transforming structures in this nature. Of course, to achieve the right results, this creative creation system is not enough to achieve success. Geometric rather than linear development system … production plus a mutual modeling accelerator, a creator of development systems on selected directions and levels.

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