Nature must be changed. And it will be done. Taking over an absolute control of the power and structure of nature and…

Shifting – further extension- limits of power and competence on unimaginable speed /for unknown and unimaginable areas of nature.

These takeover of absolute power does not mean negating the God or nature but leaving a passive approach to untouchable inviolable levels, material and energy spaces – practically untouched by man – or rather entering the areas of/by an active competence of managing the resources.

The absolute takeover of nature in the entire known to us 3rd dimension world(universe), all physical and biological chemical processes. The absolute power of energy and matter and their processes, controlling them at any level in size, quantity, freedom of controlling the course of all processes forward and back – “time processing”.
A consternation of a potential total coup of an entire known nature, a reality in known the three dimensions known to us.

I am aware of consternation of social relations, own biological, economic, social, political, existential matters …like control of space -practically reaching any dizzying speeds… infinite- velocity. The same situation about controlling any life processes on any level.

We can achieve this by symmetrical replenishment of
nature on any level using artificial fillers of quasi-natural technologies, based on self-replicating systems( earlier and later to described)
….by building artificial civilizations-quasi artificial support on other planets … stars, cells in us and … atoms!

We speak about a responsible and capable power
for – not only for herself and family friends-entire surrounding a-not only for now and past but especially future.

This /monster/project is a movement for “fifth” cosmic speed in real and metaphor- “an antigravitational” shield and engine of development

The project is to create efficient things, to go further above than worm even most clever but without hands and legs (right tools) in Amazona jungle.

Earlier described Homo creator( on a higher level than adjusting creator of today) needs tools
But to be aware of the process of possibilities we have to be creative above monkey or worm perspective of view based not just stick or simply machines of today but really powerful tools.
Need one, to acquire them to catch higher level of development so to say take a higher level of speed much higher than 4th cosmic speed for progress to go really further above the earth, above solar system above galaxies in really and metaphor.
The creation is not the same of a creation of today or past but creation to go in another dimension of development creativity for new tools for a new challenge of life and space. Being a bit higher level of development as a monkey or warm is not enough. An entire environment should be more dependent on our goals of/for development.
But finish with philosophy adjustment of the surrounding. We need to take practical steps, plans, projects to use chances and opportunities from now.
In any level and part of our existence from schools reform, hospitals, economy, political, technological, science epic reforms supported on giant project building bases, in the earth “people-free” zones, above the earth to accelerator production of tools and “materials” for a creation of new age.
I am not a person that try pretend to be God to show mankind way of salvation., but one of us willing to rescue and develop own life and surrounding.

to be continued with more practical -technological- steps for the endeavor.

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