On a path of transformation of any structures. Part 1.b. introduction. A new global/space crypto/economy.


How to start this revolution – accelerating, directing the evolution that we have always been more or less active partner?

It is important to move away from an attitude towards a surrounding “static” environment of a whole system. Dismiss from a sphere of “religious” axiomatic dogmatic setting of barriers. determined according to knowledge and perception from 1000 or 100 years ago.

Exactly, let’s study, listen and cooperate with our surrounding world. Let us use its structures, processes according to our needs because they were given to us for our existence and development.

Structures, processes are variable,  more(or)less dependent/independent. We can determine their status in a given process, level, time and situation. And its depend on our – manual, linear or … self-replicating system (much more effective geometric rate of development).

Just the variability of factors influencing the processes of “time” in nature, determining their structures “mass” or energy, or other physical, biological processes, their state, uncovered state or changeable by us can redefine nature, its transformation, our current existence, and development.

Being aware of this or building this awareness of our responsibility and at the same time, we can look for organizational, economic elements above national divisions of support for this huge undertaking, which even millions of contemporary economies would not be able to lift.
I am thinking here of a concept of blockchain, cryptocurrency and … a kind of crypto economy, which as a platform, parallel to “normal” economy over national divisions would be guided by direct citizenship as an economic zone to a venture out of the sphere of “normal” economy, such as controlled self-evolving at a geometric rate cities models, cities, teams of ecological investments, production, experiments, etc.

to be continued of course with further explication

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