On a path of more human transformation on planet earth and beyond. Part 1.c. Introduction.End with classical/natural relativism.

There are very complicated descriptions and explanations for proposed process, which have been transformed into a very briefly presented one.
It will be a tedious process of searching for and constructing a technological connector between resources of nature and our organizational abilities, and above all abilities of… hope, grounding them on a more humane basis in terms of organization and above all social needs,…abilities of mind and … heart.
The proposed economic and technological ideas are not advertising of such or other current measures in the current economic market. However, every person, organization or company can use those prescribed downloads of (“sleep”)dreams gradually supported in my other articles by more and more powerful technological, economic and social background.

There will be more detailed explanations regarding … cellular, molecular, quantum mechanics at a level of… surgical and above all very intensive and controlled, not only chemical or physical, what next – automatically – eliminates relativistic factors(not dependent on our interference … so far) regarding time or recently mentioned relativity of mass / which more often later /
I mention here often about physics as an indicator of our impact on all I repeat all phenomena – biological and other – processes and structures in the whole (micro and macro) cosmos.

to be continued

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