Transformation of any structures. Part 2.c. A natural/artificial model,…a new key for…space&life? Beyond geocentrism, heliocentrism and… E=mc2.



Beyond our dreams and imagination? Beyond… time/standard (natural) processes, that has a huge impact on our life and space directly…
Direct acceleration, slowing – improvement, “lubrication”- of physical, chemical, biological and life processes.  E=m(1-md)c(1xcd)2

…..particles “lubrication” factor\mu ={\frac  {T}{F_{n}}}…= d
-d as dynamic,…dark matter, artificial factor.

Let’s take a closer look at this (so far)fatalistic approach to processes, structures that seem beyond the scope of our interventions, and then close them in the stable inviolable structures of models such as E = mc2, which can ultimately – and do not have to – determine our existence, our lives on cosmic or biological level.

We can not close on our achievements so far.
I am for example against classical (primitive) taking of time definition or standard taking of symmetry, balance in entire space. But at the same time, I appreciate this contribution as the next step forward in our fraternization by our development, in surrounding structures and processes.

We have already gone further than heliocentrism – due to progressive technological( but also organizational – not linear but geometric rate production sometimes we don’t know how to use chances within rich almost now) perception and potential, and by the way, we can, we should go further than … E = mc2 centrism.

Thanks to developed shield/cover of “rocket” construction for maintaining an energy status, … the energy potential for the transfer of “lubricated”-enhance structures a mass! and vice versa.
Constructive (dynamic active factor) mass model of the atom of symmetry of energy … As in airplanes where their kinematic string in relation to mass is many times stronger than of a natural bird.

This is a dynamic factor for a cell, atom engineering.
Modeling of materials and their building potential and parameters using the geometric rate of development-production
When it comes to the production of materials on the basis of remote modeled geometric reproduction modeling – specific prostheses of atoms, molecules, cells, parts of cells, taking over the function of growth, development … Just start this Big Bang process production or black/white holes processing the whole environment or its parts by programmed reduction or enlargement of interesting us models for further geometric rate development.

Current and past technological, economic and organizational relations further lead to a civilizational (by political/military, ecological ) cannibalism of inhabitants of this planet – instinct/lack of faith in a really better world leading to annihilate in groups and individually, in a primitive technological and organizational depression so far.

based on a book “Masters of life and universe”

to be continued ….with further development of patterns…? no … proposals as well.

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