Transformation of space and life. Part3.b. Starting process of mega reproduction/reprocessing on a quantum level. Breaking monopoly of E=mc2 for measurement and environment reconstruction.


“Breaking monopoly of E=mc2 measurement for environment reconstruction for megaproduction for … unlimited life and speed(travel).”

For a new giant production, conversion into an industrial scale, on a scale exceeding trillions of current standards of production by means of a geometric domino effect of material transformations, where the next materials, composites, and products generations will be transformed into even newer generations of these composites, products, and materials at a later pace geometrically transformed by means of a programmable, self-replicating technology, into the next generations with ever-increasing speed and so on repeatedly with ever bigger speed and amount of productions and transformations of next and another any structures.

This new production technology needs new definitions for more efficient functioning, environment transformation at : genetic engineering, molecular, quantum, global, cosmic mass production of industrial production level.
Just like redefinition (time dilatation) of time was useful for example communication navigating or redefining the position of our planet (geocentrism on heliocentrism) or new redefinition of a kilogram, we also have to redefine the time today, and further redefinition of … mass … E = mc2 for progress in direction of: space communications, physical and chemical processes on the industrial scale, a real mass (mega)production, really cellular, really molecular and quantum levels.

An old dogmatic trap of a formula based on current … aging parameters … like for example with kilogram … supporting status quo according to old technology that does not help to design next, to cross old … technology systems and concepts.

Need for a redefinition of time (absolute?), Mass, / recently redefined 1 kilogram / … (currently not enough) for quantum engineering … cosmic … quantum car, quantum control of life processes of organisms … energy dissipation.

Just as the absolute Newtonian time was abandoned (which can be still useful for … eg a standard distribution of public transport) for more precise observation, and the use of the speed of processes and their appropriate use, posing dilemmas of time – which I consider to be primitive misleading though … there is no dilation of time but the instrument’s ability to measure absolute time, in the same way as the redefinition of a kilogram, it is necessary to constantly update process meters in different configurations.

This is the reason for the absolute Emc2 (which is useful, for example, in the construction of atomic bombs, nuclear power plants) as not fitting to the needs of changing processes, structures that until now and will never be fully understood.

Until today, an unreachable engineering at a quantum level, to which the mentioned megaproduction would be aimed, need to redefine E = mc2.
One could specify absolute E=mc2 just like absolute / meter/time, but that can not be done(forever), that’s why time … dilatation .. energetic processes and structures … masses … can not… do that in that way.

Just as for each separate object, a “separate” time is allocated, so also for each object, the structure process at selected exploitation levels should be separately correlated with mass and energy.
Just like a classical analogy of the bird’s energy efficiency (also built by quantum..anatomy) of the same mass and drone (also built from quantum) at a given level of structures and processes, just a specific quantum (constructed at the quantum level) of a bird or drone (also at the quantum level. ..reconstruction) but with an energy difference to the(same) mass on a selected level of operation, we can constructively control the energy and specific correlated massiveness of objects, changing- reconstructing like by car industry- arbitrarily mass and energy correlating (correlating..E = mc2), which
currently, it is useful for quantum mechanics or for conducting more or less controlled atoms reactions on a current level.
It is the already mentioned (previous articles) advantage of the scale on selected directions and levels, that the given object will get energy without increasing the mass of the object.

Just as infinite factors determine the absolute time (forcing time dilation to be supported), so too are there infinite factors to determine the absolute, the ultimate mass/energy of any objects.
There is no – possibility – absolute time just as the final energetic given mass of the object … So you will never be able to put given objects with the same masses on the absolute correlation of an energy.

We must forget about definitions based on old technological perceptions … unacceptable for today and tomorrow
… Orbital loops (geocentrism), wrapping space (time dilatation and absolute E = mc2)
…based only on perceptually limited quantum physics calculations, partial in spite of their partial effects like the atomic energy, satellite navigation, to reach such final conclusions as for the absolutization of Emc2 and the dilation of time.
… It is a crime to refrain from distorting further scientific and production activities.

to be continued for a new teleprocessing of (mega)production

based on a book  “Masters of life and universe”

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