“Transformation of space and life. Part3.c. Teleprocessing of (quantum)mega-production = dynamic approach to natural law. Deregulation of time and…E. E=mc2 > Ed=mdxc2d ≠ Ed1=md1xc2d1 – artificially energy processing/exploration on/of d/d1/etc level of E…construction structures”

Teleprocessing of (quantum)mega-production = dynamic approach to natural law. Deregulation of time and…E. E=mc2 > Ed=mdxc2d ≠ Ed1=md1xc2d1 – artificially energy processing/exploration on/of  d/d1/etc level of E…construction structures.
 “Megaproduction approach…shows actively, not statically (axiomatically) a surrounding world of mobile “competitively” structures, that we can change any structure and their properties ( eg E=mc2) on selected, arbitrary levels / vital for us / areas of interest.”- quotation from previous articles about the megaproduction – dynamic massive reconstruction(attitude) of nature.

Human absolute ability to shape the entire environment and definition of nature as competitive relations of structures and processes are superior to any other laws (axioms and dogmas too) of chemistry, physics etc

So my definition resembles more as definition forcing us to search further for re-construction on a massive production scale, transforming the environment by us as partners or competitors.

Law of human dynamic approach to nature is superior to any another law of nature established by chemists physicists etc. The “dwarf” currently law like E=mc2 can’t mislead a general active attitude of mankind in the whole environment. Like it was with absolute time- that any way exists but…” practically only theoretically or “locally””.
Just like the planet Pluto, E=mc2 was downgraded to a lower level of natural (law or better to say current regulation) classification.

This is about gain dreams
Sometimes because of our beliefs for unthinkable breaking barriers, build, shape future.
It’s about faith and believes in our competence and responsibility of shaping present and future now. Not fate …and ” absolute law”…but we can and have to shape our life,..that we anyway do it often with too small belief or maybe just laziness of using open more broad our and our environment ability. To live in the universe … we are not just finally calculated stones and masses.

I apologize in advance for these dirty writings like quickly written, saved (sleep)dreams. It is at a crazy pace of searching … never ready prepared a set of articles … These are added sketch groups for further processing to break any barriers of impossibility, the futuristic forerunners to implement immediately on all levels of interest and professionalism, more or less socially or amateur or individual activity.
It depends on us here and now how we will observe directions of thinking of development actions to shape our lives, our future right away … Investing time or money, directions in every field of activity in the professional, social, economic, political, individual … or just …storm brain.

So it is a messy description of our place and role in but…
current description and meaning of natural laws or processes or structures are even more unacceptable.
It’s going about the so-called level of exploitation of mass(energy property), where really construction on particle level influence level of using the mass property, where it can come to a paradox, where the same mass object-energy property can better use the property-so called mass construction-efficiency and another object with the same mass property by efficiency of the property exploitations….example of the construction–so like car of the same mass but different horsepowers.
Cars of different horsepower apparently would show big differences in energy exploitation
So we speak about so-called different engineering efficiency genome of an object apparently of the same mass… There are discussions in the issue in theory of string constructions/processing of universe.

But of course we need better… quantum technology(now we still not have it any only just quantum mechanics or an atom energy(bomb) the today quantum technology remind more technology of stone age level …on but not really efficient technology for really cosmic enterprises, (really microcosmic) enterprises too… for remote or programmed particle (mass/energy correlations on wished level) (“time” processing too) processing engineering on Micromolecular biology level on industry rate for a massive anatomy reconstructions of cells etc) by tele (…portation) remote control… Where also will be useful for reconstruction by remote control eg climate and… geology of another cosmic object …includes our planet!
Of course, we need and could by the really quantum level technology, by the way, we could generate waves(of/for communication, energy transmitting etc) much faster than… light so the above-described processes could be more effective of course supported by the megaproduction…self-replicating technology.

to be continued

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