“Transformation of space and life. Part 4.b. A really cosmic in(genuity)dustry (r)evolution.”

We should have respect for previous alchemists with their big boiler of mixtures and…today with their big boiler(very expensive particles collider…tempel).
But I am not going here to speak about respects. Whose or which enterprise for step for further progress for our safety and development, are more important.
I speak about a new style of production thus the transformation of nature, so their new (science/production background)) perception and new acceleration and… vice-versa with ever faster speed,…sorry by the way that I would a bit disregard the big boilers.
The technology of self-developing programmed, controlled production … transformation exists. We simply lack an organization and belief in this crucial for us and a whole – I repeat the whole – of the universe – known so far – enterprise.

Of course, we speak about a real revolution. Drastic changes in controlling any processes and structures in our known universe included our planet and… our anatomy.
They will be no any hesitation in running production on many dimension geometric accelerate scale of self-replicating technology…organization.
One need to produce any component for…playing, experimenting, reconstructing any structures, everything encountered along a way on special dedicated areas on deserts, oceans, moon or any good closed zones for feedback reconstructions materials to components to any new materials,and the new materials to new components and so on on(in express feedback reactions) engineering, surgery, chemical, physics reactions manipulations of reactions on ever higher level with ever higher speed remote and programmed controlled by more and more powerful computing supported by improved automatically programmed acceleration of efficiency of ever newer (artificial intelligence too)computing
They will be no any excuse and…mercy of the chasing for controlling constructing reconstructing space and life(support) parameters.
We do not speak if but when we can – it’s not starting anymore- but to produce right now! (I would say even yesterday) … here there are more issues about an organization and… a consternation of offered showed situation, chances to absolutely break through an economy, politic, environment, life any known historically any current even futuristic imagination.

We are on an edge(abyss) to …fly up or falling down
of our ways for an evolution of…soup – we can have humanity opportunities to decide what from the soup will be made up by producing components starting from a mish-mash production of random components for further production on Big bang scale for life support and space obey using like artificial black hole any materials on our way.
…Moon dropouts
Moon megaproduction for bases, orbital basis, any mass productions and sending further to earth and other planets on a mass scale.

So no more (milliards dollars costs)soup pot of alchemy by particle collider but own wished direction (new)particles/cells,…anything (on almost nil costs…by further production… producer) productions on a real mass scale.

So I speak about practically …nil costs of producing,- just initially some starting cost could appear ….yes…Perpetuum mobile for…speed up evolution on wished controlled levels power(E,c) directions controlling -automatically autonomy programming, a genome of particles and cells wished productions on real cosmic,…galactic, atomic scale.

I am not against science at all. We can together take in consideration stand of today technology…organization of exploitation…that anyway, after all, we in a stand today can use the offered technology for achieving performance on an unimaginable level…
Sowe may not think more and further than used to thinking and planning from 100 years ago.
We have to take out from our consciences impossibility for breakthrough barriers that wear not to cross 100 years ago.
We do not believe in our unfinished potential for changes for good. We have intelligence, the most important factor for taking in control the entire environment ..of life and space.
Each subsequent article makes the next brick for the next proposals for this (crazy?) project of the space revolution. On a principle of a spiral, the issue is developed. It is a laborious step by step to move the topic forward taking into account all relevant aspects.
Here, the next economic, social, technological, environmental chapters/proposals for humanity and the entire cosmos are written.

to be continued
based on the book “Masters of life and (the)universe” by Pawel Kozycz

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