Transformation of space and life. Part 5.a. An in(visible) market hand of (r)evolution. From a stone/iron age to an age of new processes of entire space.

“An in(visible) market hand of (r)evolution. From stone/iron age to age of reprocessing of entire space/life.”
Is our humanity worth overtaking God’s full responsibility and authority over/for shaping Eden of space and life?
Here is written definitely a full answer for unconditionally believe and tools to shape our future/Eden now.

My articles heading for manufacturing /or better to say mega producing/ for changing a direction of entire natural evolution more by our needs …on principle of an invisible hand of (natural resources “competitiveness” way of evolution) free market.
So no more “irreversible” natural parameters.
So it is going to giving a natural factory of a human impact on changes in any interesting directions and levels…across natural rules.
From an organization’s point of view, we are fully able to do this.
A technological human ingenuity – and our belief that we can continue our business on a new automation track of product changes and productions.

If not we someone else … or failure … will do it at the end instead of. us
We must grasp the rudders of nature before someone or something else does it for us as part of very brutal natural selection/evolution.

The weakest third part of a chain for safety-ness and development are our …hands.
We have a soup of developing technology, ingenuity, and the hands ..the weakest part of the chain of progress and competitive stamina compared to the (very often merciless… cancer, death, earthquake etc) power of nature.
The evolution soup is historically evaluated with additional support for ingenuity, more and more developed technology, and the hands, but it is still not enough to cope or change nature in parts (levels, parameters) that we are interested in.
We need to support our hands more efficiently through self-replicating technology, so that evolution in concerned our direction can be induced forever.
Material parameters (atoms, molecules of engineering new particles and atoms, life, more and more issues/parameters.
We need faith and organization in the project.

The course of a controlled force of nature by selected levels by trillions of times in the geometric scale will be released more strongly than forces of nature, they will be repeatedly directed not in the so-called explosion shape, but the targeted transformation of materials, structures that have not yet been achieved ( we can do it like we could do it by the iron age…with a quite another industrial park but the same power of ingenuity).
There will be no inhibitions and unscrupulous by the industrialization of oceans, deserts, closed (“hands-free”) zones empty spaces, objects outside the Earth.
So it is going for creating a modified soup of evolution more by our condition.

A mentality of strategic planning .. Creating a new economic base, adapting plans to your own future, platform … Which additionally influence each other further metamorphosis of interesting areas.
This new market the (in)visible technologically (…handsfree)hand is more important and definitely decisive for the economy … Totally new forms of organization and …digestion of this economy.

I am looking for
a new production tracking profile
a way of …nature recycling … Own reconstruction of the new evolutionary soup, …
making a… perpetual mobile motion of a constant transformation of materials, products …Just for fun through/for life by organizations, companies … also through virtual projects
No mercy for a standing position, that is, for the loss of nature … always hard for the life of our standard of living and safe life in the broad sense.
New parameters mean really new (artificial) stars, new object that over hole any object known and unknown in the world and out the world, including the whole galaxy and other groups of… dark matter, etc.
New dimensions of life that can support common life structures in exchange
generating new artificial processes on artificial structures such like replacement of birds with their level of energy efficiency by rockets and further by trillions (infinitely) of times more efficient structures/processes …
a new definition of E=mc2…c is not finally/absolutely factor of energy property like time is not absolutely/sufficient factor for processes measurement
…a replacement with another hidden / artificial generator structures/processes
It is going about real space economy … absolute (in)visible hand of a transformation/evolution of any resources

New economy … new perspectives. … absolute newer expression of a free market economy at no more a tight world of limited resources … and conflicts. As an invisible hand that has to extract power from now by new technological dimension enclosed areas of resources.


to be continued

based on a book “Masters of life and (the)universe” by Pawel Kozycz

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