(An economic)transformation of space and life. Part 5.b. A human market of ingenuity for natural changes in plus.

A human economy as a most important factor for artificial evolution of life and space… like reproducing “genome” of life and.. E=mc2.

Change indicators:

1. absolute time (such time exist) measurement technology will be never absolute sufficient for all processes measurement,

2.real energy /E=mc2/ measurement technology (really absolute potential power of /”c”/energy not discovered and made yet) and production technology will be never sufficient,
3. So the same situation is going to potential measurement and achievement for a really free market.
But infinitely potential of the free market of resources or better to say parameters where humanity… ingenuity play the most influential factor of/for further any (free market/parameters invisible hand) transformation and any evolution of life and space entirely …in our garden of/for…Eden,…exist!

So we finally as an absolutely most powerful and influential factor and …parameter… we human have fully genetically inheritance parameters of power/chance …and responsibility for the globe and beyond.

So not fate or nature principles but we (can)take full control over all processes in our life and space.

But (well-ordered) human resources of ingenuity.. can be used for/as
weight lifting lever of/for a breakthrough for wished changes.

As in its time of Emc2 was used to build a A-bomb, this time a potential of human awareness, organization, ingenuity should be used accordingly to create a powerful system of programs directed to a more effective partnering garden of space and life for achieving better and better (with more powerful tools for achieving wished parameters of features like speed/energy, life expectancy/security etc.

The economy of the free market of infinite potential ingenuity of power (by self-replicating systems) explorations gives the absolute basis for the explosion of development on wished directions and levels …crashing classic naturals laws.

The mechanism of consumption these new hyper economic investments will drive consumption which continues as a result of a multiplicative economy, invading infinitely environmental transformations. Substituting the environment totally
by the real invisible hand of the ingenuity free market for the direction of development in a flexible and literal -potential transformation of all resources/products according to wished needs and goods.
The hand of a free market for real environmental changes (in plus) … Definition of megaproduction (previous articles)_ … Nature
Really cascading changes. Just like an environment of a city(eg New York), where forests and swamps were replaced, the same is to be with the whole universe in the first row of the solar system. The galaxies, quasars, black holes not only them .. the total disappears from the horizon of all areas previously impossible to complete natural areas.
In a slightly shorter way, it comes as I always mention the biological changes in the parameters of the basics of controlling the conditions … creating new foundations for bricks and genomes of life.

to be continued

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