A cosmic revolution. An economic-evolutionary mechanism of natural and technological resources re…creation. Part 1.a.

Human ingenuity as the most influential factor of/for any processes in nature. Generic ingenuity, that we have unlimited and …(in)visible hand of economy/evolution…on our condition and on that technology….that from stone to programmed by always limited ( like calculator etc)artificial intelligence self-replicating/reliance systems give absolute power for…our! generic changes of (r)evolution way of/for entire nature control eventually on wished levels and processes.
A very important awareness and responsibilities of potential and chance of/for practical – organizational/productional use of the ingenuity mechanism of …creation
like it was by a bomb creation from a mechanism of the E=mc2.

Full human control factor of any process in nature…of any generic sources of development, evolution on any level leading to totally taking over on biological life issues, redefinition of any already ( sorry, as I written, there will be no more any excuses, because of fierce attempts for rescue of our future life and space- environment) old/limited laws of nature included definitions of properties of nature… energy.. mass…etc
Accelerating own version of the big bang (by the way, the normal big bang is accelerating as well, with its own “genome/program” of development) of hyper-evolution of changes on infinitely/trillions of times scale of speed and space in both directions macro and mico.
So because of this, we shall finally speak about a mechanism of the economic evolution – that is above all of any classical physical laws levels (E=mc2 too) as well, of … Awareness of this mechanism to use this in praxis on any level of rescue and develop the human life/environment enterprise.

We can in a few months, start the acceleration process of total gaining/mastering nature, start a total domino effect, control(factoring) all I repeat all processes of nature. Also those on levels …over our perception .. “invisible dispatch”… “Control around the corner” … all generic processes of nature, including all genomes of life … organs.

And so we have no way out and we need to lead to a technological explosion in order to get out of the technological and ecological infrastructure collapse, and at the same time give us the chance of a huge civilizational … economic jump.

So an example of the mega enterprises for changes eg. … real mass production of super fridges of earth based on solar energy, geothermal energy, for direct cooling/climate control in selected areas and seasons, as well as hyperproduction of … reflections of solar-moon mirrors in this case used for shading, protection against hot weather and radiation.

to be continued with the cosmic revolution.

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