A cosmic revolution. An economic-evolutionary mechanism for re…creation. Part 1.b.

In this series of articles, I am looking for, drawing a mechanism that shall better correspond to our active (not passive human ambitions) role and position in shaping our environment and further influencing its mechanisms and … laws, using its resources known and not known perceptively in observations and…simultaneously further production and reproduction.
The human mechanisms of creation are superior to all other mechanisms and laws of nature.
We can determine, depending on our needs, level, a direction of existence and development, influence freely … change of nature – it is not and has never been independent and will never be.
We can, at a given time, level, place, use its temporary, partial mechanisms and laws to cover its resources and direct new technological foundations for further development also according to new mechanisms of processes and structures according to our expectations and infinite potential of creative control.

These expectations and the awareness of the position in nature, are to be a flywheel of real development…economy on a scale so far unknown.
This can be attributed to a superpower discovered – at a given level of perception and utility – energy measurement/definition and it’s proper exploitation…E = mc2…
And so accordingly we can do with our potential and power of development creation effects = awareness/knowledge, control of natural processes mechanisms/ “limited” laws (such as E) times technology (self-replicating / reliance) used appropriately for that

So any laws of a physical body, physics etc do not have to limit a technological potential based on … this physics … paradox?
Neither the potential … technological perception of physicists can/may limit the scope of concept and development of areas of research exploitation and development of this physics.
You can not ignore these classic laws of physics etc at a given level of technological development, … but also physicists, scientists cannot change/ignore the technological potential.

So you can exceed the speed of the light, and E does not have to be equal to m c2 in new technological – uncovered or constructed levels of perception or construction.

We have to respect the current laws of physics, atoms, cells structures etc- but … it’s enough with this clericalism/dogmatism/ stagnation of the laws of physics etc.

This technology affects the physics of its perception of nature … of the laws of nature.
as well as the better and better perceptual technological park as well as in the background, the industrial technology park … physics, physicists, scientists influences further catapulting of technological development and vice versa.
One can not exclude abruptly in “literal” stepping forward – physics, new technology, new physics, new technology and so on or at different levels of exploration or exploitation … among other things, programmed changes (… mass changes! With self-technology replicating / reliant systems) of/for “genetic” of nature included reconstructing mass reconstructions (fusions) of atoms,cells, any wished structures on our path of exploration, exploitation, (mega)production.

So only such totally view on our more active position in nature can be helpful both for us and nature-resources…that sustain our position on safety and a developing way…so stop with climate contra industry conflict – a phenomenon of “short quilts”.. socially, political, historically frustration causing conflicts, wars because of the to small cage, space… of “limited”resources.
Not by pretending to do not mixing into natural processes and anyway destroying nature by inefficient technology…not efficient coped with human and natural potential of the above-described mechanism of super development.

As in the last article I wrote about my proposals of potential for direct impact on climate changes/control, the same way can be done on all structures and processes at every level of biological life, as well as on any level of space interesting to us.

to be continued with the re…creation for our life and universe.

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