A cosmic revolution. An economic-evolutionary mechanism for re…creation. Part 1.c.


Self-assembled mechanism gives free hands standing man (r)evolution of mankind. Development on real cosmic creation scale.
Ingenuity times technology in feedback times (e)-conomical/-nvironmental organization will give efficiency of the (human finally now and further!) re…creation… fusions(any cells, any particles).. evolution of life and environment(space) of standing(mentally and efficiently) free hands man.
New generation and revolution of free mand(… from Homo Erectus – evolutionary  technologically/mentally changes) from a burden of standing on four limbs, on already inefficient today’s technology (by today’s earth population and …ambition…higher and ambitions of stone or ape) not capable of natural structures and processes

Not just an observer or passively member of nature creation-evolution but an equal partner of the …natural creations processing
…not fight for natural resources but processing them, create them …new structures/processes that we need and (always not believing)dream for.
Never acceptance of nature fate.
Our ingenuity as most active genome part of building entire nature future coupled with a good (economic)organization, faith for our law for making nature more living safety comfortable for everyone…by any way our voyage through space/environment.
We need to couple our economy and mind for the sustainable life and (environment)spaces
solidarity with nature one another
by a spirit of …power, responsibility, and love.

As I was a teenager in Poland, Pope Paul John the Second said, let Your(God) spirit come and change the face of this land, this earth
and so solidarity was born, the social movement of changes.
Sa I also wish the spirit for all of us to be born in us, because of the holidays … of the new year, because of our new, better future.

to be continued with the draw/draft for life and space

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