Space revolution. part 2.a. Who will be the master of evolutionary soup cooking?

A symbiosis of technology operation (already practically automatically, developing independently based on the potential of an industrial / computing park), and nature is the most important and the weakest link in our position in nature. The position of nature in which we are, the most important factor in the development of the future of homo sapiens and all of us in us and around us.

The proper potential of this symbiosis gives a civilizational leap to an infinite power – in this more compact position in the surrounding nature as a homo erectus not only with free hands to better manipulate the environment, but already in a further stage of freeing our mind from a static approach of nature on a data stages of development (recognized in the past / even now as completed) such as  eg. geocentrism, heliocentrism, relativism, E = mc2, genetics … binary … cosmic.

With the current structure of development … apart from nature, without a dynamic capture of the structures and processes of this nature (- a dynamic self-replication of systems), we have no chance to win this evolutionary game /war/coexistence with nature. Here, please do not forget that these structures and processes also include all human activities and its industrial park and … the mind.

War has always been a driving force behind progress. We must realize about the evolutionary natural war of the worlds(cosmic, biologic annihilation/transformation is permanent).
The war was an engine of economic development. But does it have to be a war between idiots or the war of the civilized world, people about their position in nature as the factor of their own common development of life and greater security …against our annihilation?

Operational (economic/technological) tools for everybody interested in their existence and development in a biological and global/cosmic environment will be presented here.

to be continued

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