Space revolution. part 2.b. Ingenuity(dreams) for self-replicating systems of robots by geometric progression speed.

The awareness of the mechanisms of development, a transformation of us, our surroundings from the level of elementary particles, cells to stars and all known and unknown spaces are the key to knowingly stepping on a coder already guided by our own “genetic” program to change even those that we did not dream about.
And just dreams are the first spark, the first most important step (The basic element of the gene evolution on any scale), the first peculiar big bang in this whole process … evolution but more on our side.
Modern science (contemporary dogma religion) — despite its already self-development — often stumbles over its own achievements, assumptionstreating them as absolutely finally determining the fatalism of the natural (contemporary and already futuristic as well) status quo, for exampleEmc2 or that we must die because it is natural and because of already… according to the contemporary “final” (pseudo) scientific absolutely achievements and assumptions.

We must release this plague in a static, passive defining of the position of homosapiens and science.
We have no way out when it comes to global security as well as the empowerment of human position in his life and environment (natural and technological) now and in the future.

Time to build real accelerators
 technologies that oversee and exceed current standards of natural or destructive (for us) event flow.
We already have the full potential of IT, telecommunications, and production for a safer fitting of all humanity in the process of global evolution (including units at the cellular, atomic, etc. level).

We have enough ingenuity and power to start this process (by domino effect of self-replicating systems of robots by geometric progression speed) of “laparoscopy” on managing the processes of nature revitalization on a global scale, for example on the planet Earth or other interesting ones (for example the climate), as well as the revitalization of the nature of our bodies.


to be continued

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