Space revolution. Part 2.c. Yes, humanity(dignity and ingenuity) is our(children) future, not some current(static) perception matters.

Our own gene constructing of skeleton…gene for reconstruction (“puzzle blocks game”) – often supporting – nature from its natural parts, structures, processes but according to our hyper parabola development for activation skeletal structures of a healthier life, environment, production, organization, economics, politics, development … science and technology permanently (more flexible to the circumstances) transformation.

We shall try to define perception. It is an equation with more and more unknowns, that we shall add in time for more efficient tuning and engineering of… nature- that always we used to do. It is permanently tuned…game-war with obstacles of our life support and development.
Why war? Because nature is a field of competitions, very often a scrupulous war of worlds. And so we shall prepare with our attitude of competition cooperation with nature – this is not classic economy( more about it later).

So we can not treat, for example, the perception of nature in the old electromagnetic version of E = mc2 or the use of genetics as the definitive definitions of macro and micro cosmos structures of living and non-living matters.

So no any time, energy or speed etc measurement can one treat as absolute calculable…eventually you can do it on currently achievable levels of perception.

No element of old patterns is permanent, defining potential infinite possibilities of nature and … us.
This meaning also can be useful for new infrastructure (road map) of…economy.- that in another series of public issue of futuristic (present as well) development.

Naturalness does not mean a lack of interference, i.e. co-operation with processes, it – nature changes on appropriate level- can even accelerate many times the so-called natural processes, overcome their structure many times on a given observable level ..
This is our generated, technological homo … creator … mechanism of living in the space in which we live and travel.

to be continued

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