Space revolution. Part 2.d. Precursors of changes.

Just like time “dilation” (also the effect in visual perception/information transfer) we are not able to determine arbitrarily any values because of the limited tool perception of the infinity of structural-process systems, so we are not able to definitively determine the unsteady values of energy, mass or absolute velocity with an explanation, of course, expect the case so-called closed systems like E=mc2 in…very limited classic electromagnetic perception. The same applies to the biological, genetic systems, including the specific genetics of the formation of entire… globally and cosmic systems.

And what does it mean? Paradoxically, this irreducible absolute perception ends the era of absolute theory (of narrowly minded technocrats/scientists)dictatorship and simultaneously opens the gates of the heavens literally and figuratively.
It allows us to get out of the circle of un-recognizability, the boundaries of development, with this unfinished world of structures and processes we are able to achieve as much as we develop our perception…by industrial park … economic … social … mental on the principle of the child’s instinct (standing int blocks on blocks higher and higher – and let’s not kill this instinct) a man who thinks, looking for a takeover initiative in the wider areas of existence.

Not long ago on the occasion of the new year – as the holy birth of God – I wished on the portal LinkedIn that God would be born in us, that means, strength(power), responsiveness, and love. At the same time discovering the new meaning of God in our lives and development. With this strength, it means above all ingenuity for a transformation of structures, processes of nature.

So God as an absolute skeleton/genome, the precursor of nature. This is an even more frightening discovery and definition of nature. We are a great part of a powerful structural and process organism that outperforms our perceptions. He is the precursor of natural processes, we all participate in it. And let us strive in these processes to bring this organism, this God, as worthy of thoughtful,  more and more co-responsible active parts/children.
So the precursor of our activities, where our activities may be further a precursor/discoverer and creators on the “lower” level … … attention!…of genetic, atomic…civilization! etc that by the way will influence entire space.

Further knowledge of our position will allow us to work out better and better the mechanism of changing the controls at the geometric rate of the domino process.
It is and will be a hyperbolic process exceeding the speed and areas that we did not even dream about.

Until now, human civilization has had one important breakthrough in its development. It was a surplus of hands for food production. And that’s how the real evolution of our civilization began…until today.
We are at the moment of development, where classic material values lose their value in market competition and…competition with nature.
Selective economics is the economy of a new era of development that takes into account the new position in
existence, in the development of man, all humanity, can be the locomotive of a new perception, vision, development, and transformation of the environment in a global, cosmic … a biological as a powerful parallel “our” natural process at a level and speed not yet known.

to be continued

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