Ingenuity= energy/power of changes in any processes in nature. Part 3.a. No more passivity and irresponsibility in nature.

Sometimes my articles may be incomprehensible because of the crazy pursuit of new perspectives and solutions.

So I will try to devote a bit more time to explaining theses and concepts. It does not mean that they are closed. This brainstorm will help others to reach their needs and conclusions.

I am trying to explain the system that would be a common system, a superset over the classical approach of economic … relations in the treatment of natural processes and structures.

It is not about a complete negation of looking at absolute patterns in nature (physics, biology, etc.) it is more about what to do next in treating it …automatically. It about introducing a main group of the classic systems.

I do not let. I will tell you more. I forbid all technocrats to lead us into closed cages of inviolable structures in the limitation of decisions and actions.
Of course, in selected areas, such provisional constructions may occur.
But if we want to keep pace with nature more effectively and more sustainably, we need to analyze the mechanism that directs this nature more and use its process and constructions to manage not according to resources but the structures and processes of this nature in us and outside us.

We have an enormous potential for ideas to create changes. And this is the spark that ignites the entire transformation process. Achievements of structures and processes that exceed those old and present. And this is the energy/power of changes as it was for example in the construction of structures( a bird to a rocket) of similar mass but at a given level more efficient or faster in a truly infinite multiple degrees hyperbolically…infinitely…instantly.
And it can be and will be made at an increasingly faster pace with the help of self-duplicating automation in the broad sense of the word. On our part, we need courage and that this system – parallel in terms of the self-replication of structures of nature – should take off. We would have worked out a method of controlling and programming this system.

We (our cosmos) are a small part of a body, that is a trillion times trillion bigger (hyper cosmos, “the multiplication groups/clusters of cosmoses not known to us yet”), which also governs its laws and … needs. One person can name it as Nature/a superorganism or chaos, others as a God. And the nature can have even more powerful organisms over each other.
But we are also an organism, organisms trillion times trillions more powerful than small organisms, or if you want…. civilizations in us!

And this is selective economics. Economics including classical economics.
It deals with managing any processes of revitalization and restructuring of…the nature.
It also deals with widening horizons, perception, texture and embracing structures, and thus their transformation, what would be passed on to their better perception and so on vice versa.
It is also about mastering gigantic acceleration of the transformation any materially (biologically, physically, globally, cosmic etc)processes caused by self-assembled automation of production, replications, and transformation.

to be continued with materially and not materially aspects of our awareness of our existence and real development/transformation potential.

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