Sparks of progress energy. Part 3.b. Mutating worlds/spaces of structures/processes…civilizations.

Neither absolute time (of Newton) nor mathematics / absolute physics ( of eg Einstein) is sufficient to generally describe nature unless it is a temporary solution, which can be anyway a breakthrough in further … exploration and … transformation of this nature in … more collaborative layout.

Constructions, systems, mathematical, physical and chemical formulas … economical used …to build the atomic bombs but also nuclear power plants, can always be useful, but they are not limiting factors of development or even its direction.
But even the most primitive mathematical but new ones (the first sparks of ideas in the chain of changes, including our human dreams insertions), the inclusion of the phenomena in short sections may allow us to gradually( if we do not change the innovations steps to dogmas traps) get out of the circle of natural passivity.
This specific ignorance of childish innovative spark that breaks the natural system like inflammation, the initiation of the chain reaction of changes at a given level of space and time.
So we may not treat these current achievements as a paradigm of the next steps in existence and development. It (the innovative steps) should no longer be treated as an absolute status quo …
Competition= competitive structures…immunology of structures(like mutating virus) is not sleeping … So these natures so-called organisms,…hidden civilizations…civilizations/structures of nature also take part in this scuffle, often turning into a deadly fight for own positions, own development, or even just keeping the current positions.

to be continued

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