Space revolution. Part 4.a. The law of…

A scale of changing structural advantage on a given
levels affects the scale of processes … patterns … a new structures of so-called”atoms” for a new structure/processing of …energy etc
Consequences of hyper processing and … perception of feedback driving … for new design/s of nature.
So it is about a relativism of any development of reconstruction and learning processes in nature, including our processes of processing … new/economy.
Structures affect processes and … patterns and these processes affect the structures, both interchangeably and simultaneously in a geometric rate domino effect.

What further affects the economy … selective in its management constructions. The processes of directing the transformation of structures to redefine structures/processes generate… precursor further according to further development levels of resource management … It is completely independent of traditional resource management, it is the perpetrator … what resources and development directions will be respected.

… We learn about its mechanism and its functions in conscious control according to current/newer trends in structures/processes… patterns…hyper globally.

to be continued with the study of the law…for life and space

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