Space revolution. Part 4.b. The creation law- a superior law.

I have recently outlined the definitions of the law of super-ordinary nature.
This ( super-ordinary naturally right) law at first glance is almost similar to the laws of
evolution, physics, mathematics, economics … the law of symmetry, but almost and this is the nuance of revolutionizing the approach to life and the cosmos, to the whole of nature.
It is human law, … divine, the law of creation, re … creation.
The law redefines and, in fact, finally sets foot, defining the meaning of life, the transformation of processes and structures.
It is superordinate to all laws (physics, biology, economics, even mathematics! etc – more/explanations about in other parts).
The law is above all laws, the law …. to live in a dignified life, this kind of law that is missing so far … human, civilization (but we are not the only ones) to influence … mutating. This is the most important element, a factor that establishes further actions in all areas of human functioning in all life and in the entire … cosmos forever.

This is a master law, and often it can be contradictory to the direction of any changes that belong not only to … human but … all other structures … civilizations (eg … viruses also including those at the level … particles elementary, or gigantic cosmic structures, eg dark matter) … that can give results contrary to the so-called normally evolutionary as well as our intentions and predictions and actions … the so-called mutation …

It’s about partner participation in the processes of structures in us and beyond.
It is not against what they want to diet or thinking (etc) to adapt to nature, because it is also necessary for co-working with nature, but it- the law- is lacking in the thread of human creativity, active partnership in life, processes of natural structures.

Very often I use an issue of comparison bird to rocket on achieved levels/stages of development to show temporariness/not absolutism of current and previous achievements, that shall not stop down further development of mankind.
We can outperform any structures and processes, it is only a matter of time and wishes for re…construction/creation.

But! The general natural law of not passive creation criss-cross…
not discovered relations structures processes… civilizations that can go against or parallel on our apparently natural law level … like mutating known or not known viruses, structures, processes,… civilizations of very very different sizes as well in us and beyond!

And yet in the episode of our studies on the pre-university law for a dignified development of life, it is fitting to give a discourse on what is and what not, the theory of creation or theory of evolution of the world?
Both exist, but creation is a superior paradigm for evolution.
Of course, we are not talking here about descriptions ways of the creation theory for very young or unlearned.

To be continued

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