Space revolution. Part 4.c. Law to/of permanent creation means the right to live. Basic factors for creation…mega project.

For continuity of the cosmic revolution project, for gain stars and life literally need one reconstruction of any issue of our life from science, economy, our biology, mind, religion, family. It does not mean that we have to leave the values of our civilization. We need to supply an extra value that gives more power for traditionally values especially the value of life means creation… anything that we need and love to have.
We need extra power for the real innovative creation that means a power of ingenuity, responsibility, and love of active life and nature…participation for directions in plus development, re.. creation,… means for the efficiency of processes/for constructions energy….like you can get faster”c” from E=mc2 by reconstructions the E processes/constructions environment,…you can get more life expectancy from a reconstructed environment of cell/genome etc

For the case will be offered, given deep supply reconstructions of the values. I will offer hyper revolution, hyper relativistic/elastic attitude for lift burden of our existence and development.
A new bold vision of biology, space, economy etc….life…as a selective economy – I give for the economy special time and space in next future-, its invaluable value and also the ability to create, choose arbitrary development trends, the rest is just a primitive economy.

This is a very tricky issue. One needs very cautiously draft the idea – concept. Not spoiling this too fast with frames, paragraph, and barriers of strict definitions.
It’s about the sensitivity of perception.
Perception influences the awareness of the mechanism of action and further its reconstruction at an increasingly higher level, and further the usefulness in applications in science and practice.

Everyone (all organisms are known or not to us) has a partial influence, potential, contribution to a direction of creations of his life and surroundings. We need to work out the issue as well.

We are anyway on brink of a hyper revolution of a human era of technological creation of the universe( or brink of extinction because of misleading of our hyper potential).

to be continued with the search for life and space potential.

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