Space revolution. Part 5.a. Selective economics. Economics of the miracle of creation.

We learn at ever higher levels of knowledge and application, which at each stage is transformed into autonomous, basic. We are grown-ups, that is, fully-co-responsible children of nature system/God, but! still can going to a higher stage of education for guiding nature of the world in us and beyond.

Recently, I compared contemporary economics to a primitive factor of existence, but the economics is equally important as … stone and air, on the basis of which new foundations for development are built, which can … but they do not have to go beyond hiding in the background of nature … system/God.
But this economics is economy (we are also talking here about the economics of evolutionary processes biological, chemical, physical, economy etc about which I will write later) of an autonomous, automatic process that needed to make a car engine of …evolution has come to life and worked.

I know that classical economics can calculate environmental costs, that it can even indicate the directions of development … Maybe, but it does not have to and can not, what can be seen (because of its classical assumption) to go beyond the passive circle – a kind of genetic stock regression (more about it later) – of existence and evolution.
What is needed is the economics of … life – as literally an invaluable value, unsuitable for classical economics. Creation economics of selective, conscious changes in the processes of evolution, further creation, life support management processes and all possible spaces processes according to our increasingly conscious choices related to lifting the level of transformation, and what follows the perception, and then further transformation, and thus the higher perception and awareness of rights and responsibilities for the further existence and development of each individual, and our entire civilization of transformation.
Creation economics=selective economics is based on the assumption of independent economics from the autonomous one, just as a parliament, citizen, consumer separate from an autonomous court, for further an autonomous enterprise indicates the right directions of extension and expansion of our life means dreams. Means human life, miracle of creation that we shall take a more aware part.

It is only on the basis of arbitrary decisions … Drivers of the car … the directors of development shall be included in the economics of the engine, and not vice versa.
Selective economics is the economy that deals with hosting, organizing development directions, transforming, supporting new initiatives, production solutions, creating a new life, a new world.
Classical economics is a primitive, repetitive activity of maintaining a given level of development of a production park in a possible efficient turnover ( “rat race”).
Of course, this does not mean neglecting the processing costs, but it is we who determine the development directions, not the blind hand of the free market, engine economics or economics of evolution, maaaaybe sufficient on a lower data already developed developmental and security levels.
And so selective economics should be explored independently of the system of an autonomous economic machine. Selective economics, where the participation of each appropriately gives a conscious direction or a few directions of creation, a mechanism securing more aware directions of global and individual development.
And this is the most important organizational element of this economy.
With well-prepared elements of this selective economy, we can seriously talk about a more effective application of classical economics, indeed supporting development trends, not adapting to nature but cooperative, securing and processing old processes structures, aiming at managing the structure and processes of the current resource to achieve new creations level.
Someone will say that this ( the selective economics) is included in classical contemporary economics. No. This is an illusory attempt. At present, economics is more like an attempt at an illusory use of absolute time in GPS navigation or the illusory use of the formula E = mc2 on other levels of physical structures/processes -an energy potential of a given bird mass to the appropriate potential of a given rocket mass.
The old economics at a given lower level is enough to create a whole autonomy, but in order to get out more in applications, more informed decisions are needed (independent of the evolutionary equation … economic) taking into account new economic development potential and … ecological threats as well.

to be continued…with the search and explanations as well.

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