Space (r)evolution. Part 5.b. Definition of selective economics. A tactic of a war game. Space war.

Selective economics is a conscious process of including people and other resources into emergency ventures … or creating generatively new … better world/life, not focused on direct financial profits.
How to attract people, the capital to carry out projects that are genetically not focused on finance profit is selective economics.

Processes in nature, in and out have a character of an unforgiving fight/evolution to death and life.
Either we give up or we will take the initiative.
Just human dignity, love and instinct of survival can make nature as more likely to humanize and at the same time to take an initiative over its… evolution. These factors are and will be the main factors influencing the fate of a life of each of us and the environment.
They are to tone the mechanism of processes and structures in us and beyond.

In spite of a peaceful vision in the active in/evolving in nature, the need to use a tactic of war games.
To a large extent, the transfer of an economy to the tracks of war. The use of wartime tactic economics, supporting extraordinary economies above the level of normal business ..vegetation with external impulses, control indicators -…such as “abandoning the absolute time in favor of a wider definition/time index of time dilation, and could apply a wider modification (construction / process) of the E = mc2 indicator, the aim is to support an additional indicator on the external appearance…- higher/additional level of utility not covered/achieved on a given moment of ordinary economic circulation.

The tactics of an advance of scale on the selected higher levels of activity and operation will allow the front to be breached in a fight for its more active positions in nature.
Standing in the space is equivalent to shifting in relation to changing processes, mutations in nature.
Deep technological changes on a mass scale in macro and micro versions, eg. transgression of genetic processes, acceleration of physical processes such as energy generation … speed, etc.

So…s(tar)space wars are the tactic of a war game. And so the war but not between nationalistic idiots but the (r)evolutionary war is about our positions of evolution.
The economy is shifted to the tracks of the war economy, which needs new eco-economic indicators.
This is a systemic economy already in support of extraordinary market behavior, where the ordinary economy has no obligation to deal with them.
Selective economics comes to this extraordinary succor, over evolutionary, creative, re … creative behaviors.

Through, for example, appropriate bonds, special zones for activating the development of a regular economy in our (r)evolutionary existence of defense and development.
The best tactic of defense against … mutating evolution in us and beyond is the attack … tactics of war games, tactics of selective economics strongly supporting extraordinary actions for the ordinary level of economic, technological and, above all, humanitarian development.
Nature, space, evolution is the process of…getting rid of old systems at a physical, chemical, biological, cosmic level. Nature does not sleep, so as not to fall as fertilizer from the circulation, it needs a permanent equation of this natural … armaments race and at an increasingly higher level in a multi-holistic geometric pace.
We must constantly maintain on a surface of the evolution.
And this is the essence of the cosmic revolution. The word revolution is something over evolutionary, not give up to degradation … for regeneration, but be ahead of this mechanism of automatic evolutionary suicide … It is about taking advantage, supporting according to our conditions, the development prospects of us and our surroundings … We do not need to be an evolutionary passive contributor, because we as homo sapiens can if we are working on it, of course, deserve more for every adult and every child.

That is why a man was created so that nature would have a more merciful face. And so this nature can be changed. Let us try to keep this appointment. Nature can be changed because it is not fate but a man is fully responsible and capable of having a better future.

Nature at a given level from the assumption and from the automaton, or even by purely self-destroying automation, genetic mutating, fertilize with…us for….nature at a higher level.
It depends on our decisions whether we will be the victim of this evolution of the unrelenting system or the equal or leading members of this evolution of nature, it’s systems … or systems … of Gods games/laws. It is a depressing mechanism that means who is standing in this place is withdrawing, that is, he loses in development in relation to the environment that still changing, mutating… cooling, fertilizing one another against other processes. We are in a huge mill of natural evolution, which we can co-generate according to our own needs, desires, and…the s(tars)pace wars rules.

to be continued with a wider range of selective economic tactics of (r)evolution performance of the war of the worlds.

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