Space (r)evolution. Part 5.c. Definition of selective economics. Not blind(invisible hand) but handy economics for a higher than evolution…telecommunication level.

We are ( at least we should) aware that we a powerful and at least equal partner of nature…evolution.

We have an ingenuity that can overtake more and more naturally structures and processes.

We children of nature shall take finally an adult position of existence and development, overtake responsibility and rights for own selves and own entire environment.

Awareness of our potential and position is very important for our existence, our future. Because we(want not) are not (any more position of) stones not anymore… nor tombes.

We have tools or at least potential make them to remote control of our nature as… a whole.

First at all economics ( of very big range) tools. Not automatic classic economic to providing existentially level economy, but selective economic for initiate directions of development the economy on newer, virgin ways of evolution directions and levels.

Because we are of a permanent position of defenses or conquer new worlds, new systems, a new level higher than natural levels we have to use selective economic with…worlds war tactics.

Permanent war alert to be on track with evolution, to not lose but defend or win a better position.
Blind, invisible hand economy is not enough to hold even keep the current position.

Historically war organization, armaments race have a positive impact on the economy of mankind but not…people. Because it was against one another. But we have a common enemy or one would say, (co)competitor…nature.
Anyway, military economy, a military tactic of armaments because of deadly evolution game rules ( eg cancer, global, cosmic disasters etc) are very crucial of our future position on micro and macrocosmic levels.
We need to wake up hunter instinct.
Forget about old schools card narrow-minded rules of formulas like E=mc2, 2+2=4 maybe enough for already a long time ago achieved levels. We shall take in consideration different structures, processes that can’t match old rules already.
We need more bold tactic for brake old rules not enough for our position and existence(higher and …tombs).
We need more smart rules of the game( where losers will be killed by natural ruthless rules ).
Rules of war game, space war, a war of worlds, stars war, structures, and systems war for own position in entire cosmic complexes.

Paradoxically it is the most peaceful proposal in mankind history. Instead of making war against each other we can use entire military potential and…(hunt)instinct…of life for a fight with natural obstacles, formation (naturally, technologically) alliances, and other military tactics.
It is a strategy of two pieces.
First economically part. Supporting by an economy of war ….competition with nature, by capital/foundation organization system, that will support by a free market and public, as it has made until today with military complex…Companies and society. citizens, consumers can race for the (selective) economically support.

Second part
It is a strategy of war…game. Where all mind, technology, an organization is completely focused on the development of defense potential and strategy as well as gaining a higher position in the evolution of processes and structures at the level of physics, chemistry, biology, technology …

Today very important is automation of technology. I would say telecommunication as a key to any development especially of the “military “selective economic.
I would say more development of telecommunication to keep competition level with (micro/macro)universe evolution.
It is remote control ( “laparoscopy”)operation on living space body of/in us and beyond.
It is the transportation of information, energy, constructions(teleportation), and (reprocessing) processes with speed …much higher than the speed of light by changing with an ever faster self-replicating domino effect of remote control structure of reconstructing, programming.

to be continued with …the telecommunication of really new generation too.

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