A cosmic hyper (r)evolution. Part 5.d. A selective economics…hyper telecomunication.


The proper and super efficient selective economy – as well as the classic economics at the lower strategic levels, in the processes of the classical market – it’s all about proper communication, and more precisely telecommunications.

These are very drastic programs and telecommunications projects that nobody even dreamed about ever.

We need a super organization to take over all investments and structural processes globally and beyond and… in our bodies …
It is about a process control system on the nearest objects such as the sun, on the moon for(example) a giant orbiting shields ( for overheated climate engineering) mega productions from (under) the moon surface, mass production on the moon, first attempts to let microprobes into the sun so that they can start domino effect (restructuring structures/processes) controlling the sun in the directions that interest us, we say the same about a real permanent microprobes in our cells … atoms, in…the head,
….creating special clouds system, massive chemical and physical restructuring of processes in the atmosphere of the earth and other planets and more.
We speak also about direct without probes telecommunications system remote control structures and processes on above-mentioned structures.

Probes from the minimum size to the maximum sizes in the sun, the planets Venus, mercury, mars on … Earth, and all objects in the cosmos closer and further … and remote restructuring on larger self-replicating complex models of factories, robot cities to smaller and smaller coordinating processes at ever higher / more precise levels of atomic processes in our and other organisms and structures.
Next-generation telecommunications are … literally investing more, constructing, processing, building all possible structures at a distance.
Direct images and sounds in the head and mutual transmission … “telepathic” information, sounds, images, … processes … structures.

It is a very quick takeover of all processes and governing structures in the direction of the microscopic levels of matter existence as well as in the direction of the infinite gigantic spatial structures, these processes will self-nominate the domino effect … increasing the absolute dominance over the whole of space and life, control and change any course of metabolic processes, energy, life according to programmed, self-programmed self-restructured and remotely controlled at the first stages of change of a given level of development.

Telecommunication to realize already yesterday is remote space process control, global, planetary (our planet too), stellar, galactic engineering … mass programming, mass re … creation, and above all, processing, directing all physical structures, chemical, biological and further all processes including life processes, each of these processes will drive structural processes with ever-increasing speed and in a constantly mutual arrangement.
Nature is a competitive process and we participate in it whether we like it or not.
An economic/ social strategy of war games supported by technology is a strategy, for now, to fight for our existence, dignity, and development in possible peaceful but not submissive conditions.

to be continued to with the hyper (r)evolution…whether we like it or not.

Reminder- my loosely written from time to time articles are open propositions, suggestions for a broader discussion and … applications.

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