Re…creation against multi-level status quo eco(logic)nomy of symmetry. Part 1.a.

Not excuse for by passive, inert attitude to (universe)nature if don’t want to be lost of themselves at all and forever. – accelerating suicide /caused artificially.naturally/cycle of climate change.

Not excuse for ourselves and nature by avoiding building new constructions bridges to fight obstacles for our existence or at least behold position and right to be not eaten by evolution logick of competitors of different powers/systems(in us and beyond in criss-cross structures/processes)…

So we don’t have to be eaten to be…dead…so long we active (re)creator, because if not, by stubbornly holding status quo position we don’t have any right to be treated as living persons …we need a new strategy for life development, economy, economics and science physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, technology.

If we ( we have to be alive) ready for bold
acquisition of trillions more powerful engineering by an advantage of scale by recreating structures processes, the potential that is! extracting features sources of structures hidden or by mass artificial restructuring….. mutating we have the same law (and first at all…right!) to fight to live and develop and.. defense as any virus and other beings in micro and the macro universe.

A chance to take a handful of the entire cosmos, cosmic
a cycle of construction and self-destruction in the evolutionary process accelerated, among other things, by the climatic destruction … of a cancerous nature.
Nature (…systems, cancers) will do its job. Nature (the cosmos) will not perish but we will die and even the nature of the cosmos will not notice it.
Evolutionary cycles more or less contaminated by modern people will be faster or slower in one way or another. Passivity in nature means submitting to absolute processes of nature’s naturalization.
If we do not want to be in the position of just such a fertilizer, we have to participate more in a more active and responsible way in this natural systemic system.

An attitude towards nature, a career…
It is not about mutual competition but competition with nature.
Let’s not treat ourselves as a point … There are billions of systems/civilizations enrollment in each of us, as well as billions of civilizations/systems over us.
Our task is to be as comfortable as possible, create, explore nature.
Creating a system that would be as efficient as possible, developing safe in this crucible of worlds and systems.

There are enough that are unnoticed, overlooked or treated as irresolvable adversities … Not the fate but nature(obstacles) with which we can … we must have faith to overcome them, to avoid them.

It’s about politics, private/public economics,
selective economics strategy, paving the choice of the momentum of civilization … also this classic economic carousel can be revolved as anyone wants in the existential at the so-called lower level of aspiration .. rat race
Because this selective is also the existential economy of life, but also faith in changing the level of existence from a passive worm, a stone to a non-lethal mature child of nature / God.

Another man but also nature systems can be enemies or allies. There are different fields of interests.
Not the economics of (creative) competition between people … but with and nature.
Adjusting yourself philosophically even economical to nature … competing in this ruthless game of fighting to the death and life
It is not to be the role of prisoners of nature (evolution) … doing “career” but the conquerors of mature cohabitants, not stubbornly, constantly putting themselves as a child without the right to be an adult (member of this nature) on equal rights and duties with the surrounding nature.
If we really put ourselves as respectful of nature, respecting God as a response, not an eternally infantile child.

Let’s finally feel not only passively, but also actively responsible for this nature shaping the garden, nurturing, making it safer and more dignified (not so brutal) to a given life and development for everyone. And this is the evolution, this selective economics of development …

This strategy of survival and development requires a strategy … the most powerful armaments.
Billions of times stronger than the collection of all atomic bombs.
It is about an arms race with a mutating evolutionary genetic, biological, chemical genome at the level of microsystems as well as macro systems.
It’s about … tuning evolutionary processes
… creational.
Selective economics to support the acceleration of directional evolutionism according to the strategy of the entire military (defense) war machine.

To be continued with further consequences … explanations, suggestions, outlines for use for … yesterday of the re…creation processes.

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