Humanitarian asymmetry. Part 1.b. Definition of re-creation. We got all that we dreamed and dream about.

What is going on?
It is going about responsible behavior of mature adults for war ( not suicide civil, nation, religion wars) tactic of eco(logic)nomic, a geopolitical alliance against a common foe of deadly evolutionary symmetry of (re)degradation…game.

Theoretically, there is an absolute time (my footnote) but it is limited accordingly. The same applies to entire mathematical, physical, chemical, biological, economic, and evolutionary symmetry calculations, depending on the level and possibility of application/perception… an illusion.

(mentally school of)Symmetry(today’s school) or asymmetry in the origin of the discovery of creation .. defense and attack (predominance of scale, positional, tactical)
As in battle, where the stronger side often loses on potentially similar or weaknesses side.

Economic is a mechanism of nature and selective economic is nature directing.

Classical economic as a secondary economy of selective economic
We are talking about (re) creative character of
selective economic as the initiator of re…creation as … illogical evolutionary, systematic behavior, a kind of apparently senseless relax of processes and structures.

Selective economic is an evolutionary variable independent by … classical achievements of the science of chemistry, physics, biology, economic (primitive, autonomous mechanism of systemic, multi-level) system of…re…degradation/…creation etc.
Selective economic means management of life/human/divine drivers of “sources” …ingenuity, hyper inspirations, ideas … dreams … faith and
mercy, or a dignified, life-worth state of mind but on very hard ground for directing of the whole of structures and processes(of evolution, of…symmetry) in us and beyond.

The economics of good,
the economic of mercy is anti-economic, anti-evolutionary, anti-creational, anti-status quo of the brutality of nature/system … God/to harsh father.
Not economical mercy or evolutionary mercy, but absolute divine/human mercy.
Selective economics is against ruthless rules and play of nature.
It takes into consideration brutality of obstacles of life and space…of life, but this not means surrender or further brutality.

Therefore, even physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and economics must take into account the humanitarian dimension before further actions and artifacts.
Yes, it is a reaction against nature but it is a break in – our nature? … already our nature, ours.

And this is the re-creation definition – a playing decisive/defensive tool against symmetry as the right tool of a higher level of evolution directing.

Directing with material/spaces/life structures/processes efficiency.
The same material … and so unbelievably different, can be potentially manipulated for a billion times more efficient than the previous one. It applies to cells, atoms …of any structures … processes.


to be continued with the re-creation of life and space definitions and study drafting.

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