Re-creation.Part 1.c. Re(construction)creation of life and the universe.

(Re-constructive)energy(of life) … is a reconstructive re-creation work
in multiple processing of efficiency of each structure of any process
It is a factor with incoming variables, additional … inspirations of life.

Exit from the squaring of a dogma of inabilities…
using hyper creations or recreation
It is a reaction to natural obstacles … dogmatic, absolute limits of possibilities by means of inspiration, construction of new artificial structures of process structures in the field of technology … physics, biology … defracturing standard process images, thus structures.

Economics and more precisely selective economics in managing hyper cosmological hyper-biological on shortcuts.
One would be tempted to include it with ordinary extended economic, chemical, biological, etc. study, programs, but it would distort a new perspective … get out of the circle of illusions, directions of development, of “absolute” knowledge.

But these dogmatic, religious, scientific, symmetrical expressions are some divine outlook, and that’s okay.
We constantly (we should … if we care about our lives), we get to know a god, natural systems or overlapping micro and macro space systems.

So the current guide, but not an archetypal precursor – on the basis of current perceptions – in learning the strategy of acquiring the structures of the processes of the cosmos system and ourselves … biologically socially economically.
But also religion, science can not establish monopolies, create artificial barriers of traditions, dogmas … infallible idols.
I will defend religion or modern science on the condition that it will not forget about its calling to learn more about the god … rights and possibilities, systems of nature … rights and potential, accepting joint responsibility for shaping, creating this garden of the god of nature in the direction of the coveted creation life gardens of Eden … re-creative – that is, going beyond the framework of old systems and imperfections and evil.

This attitude is very important to take the fundamental steps of the re-creation of all known structures in us on earth and beyond … in the coming years to the limits of the now known cosmos (area of billions of light years) and … microcosm at a rate of geometric progression beyond all speeds…practically instantly- by today’s level of knowledge.
… Controlling by distance by evolutionary, creative and recreational processes using remotely controlled robots, an IT complex and an automatic system on the immediate path, overlapping with the infinite geometric domino effect.
No longer manual (or robotic/radio laparoscopy) but control, processing structures, and thus process control by distance…
The radio route for controlling the evolutionary processes of planets, stars, asteroids, own cells, atoms, and their parts and properties, ie Re(construction)creation of process structures
Specific (radio)photosynthesis of structures.
Here we are talking about breaking principles of so-called factors not to be overcome by example-…mind the quadrat square! E(but perception/artificially)=mc(v)2- raising, re(constructing)creating the efficiency of structures thus processes.

The potential for development is in our hands.
To what extent we will feel, we will be courageous, we are responsible for taking over (help ourselves and relief at God’s or natural systems work)God’s work depends on our organization and faith.

To be continued with the sketchy universal life drafting – re-(responsibility)creation means life!

and slowly more and more practical steps(suggestions) to go beyond…imaginations.

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