Re-creation. Part 2.a. Selective economics = (re)construction energy.

Selective economics of reconstruction, re-creation or hyper creation of new over natural structures, processes in asymmetric energy intake, i.e. taking artificial structures that raise energy, processes and structures efficiency in feedback mode.

The above-mentioned subject is a result of a very digested, experimental soup mix of suggestion in creating a new perception of learning about the formation of an environment in us and beyond, which I have been served in the previous sub-article.

It is an attempt to find a more effective connection of economic natural resources, structures, processes in order to bring definitions intersection of a mechanism of economics (selective) with the mechanism of reconstructive energy, where this (additional potential) energy comes from structural transformations with appropriate … organizational (economic) support.

Selective economics and artificial energy …
reconstructive in the regeneration of processes and structures.
This re-creation as a reaction against quite a passive approach, description of natural structures and processes.
It is about an active reconstructive approach to the current state of structures of natural or artificial processes already created by a man too.
… artificial energy for processing and re-creation. In selective economics … economics “bent” artificially for asymmetrical effects in this (my) mad evolutionary chase.

It’s about more active inclusion in processes
natural or…specific sports competition with them for (new) reconstruction of mechanisms accelerating processes … for chasing or overtake in a partnership competition with own evolution … like sporting a healthy competition with the environment, chasing this environment inside and beyond, among others in the speed of light in an infinite degree.

Let’s not forget in the context of this sport that it belongs to the re-creation= recreation, that is, going beyond the established schedule of existence at a given level.

It is a form of prelude, exercises, to acquire, to humane climb over the passive system of events, play in creation, influencing the co-creation of all structures at all levels … for sport, for the fact that man can not and does not have to be either a stone nor a part of a machine in creations … a less brutal, more humane environment of competition that has always been and will be infinitely dependable in an infinite micro and macro world of structures and … lives… (also billions of other structures … civilizations in us and beyond.)

Competing with these civilizations the structures of life of viruses,…civilizations which are located in fractions of fractions of the smallest elementary particles, as well as civilizations … individuals covering trillions of times larger areas than the space known to us.

It is about this war strategy but defensive strategy and aimed at broadening specific alliances with these structures of viruses, cancers, cellulars, genetic elementary particles of their further level of systems, the same applies to chemical and physical structures at the micro-space or macrocosmic on a level of symbiosis and active cooperation, or healthy sports competition, recreation.

Definition of re..creation as a play …. against standard economics of evolution, as a selective economy … detailing further, higher standards of co-ordination of evolutionary games/rules according to our point of interest for development.

We have to establish some conditions for coexistence or even competition on many sides (of nature) that are inevitable for both … in constantly changing conditions.

to be continued

I remind the articles are experimental very sketchy proposals for further elaborations, inspirations, and development.

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