Re-creation. Part 2.b. Crossword puzzle for economic restructure nature.


Competitive systems -of perceptions and reconstructions in feedback mode- but not more only simply current(or old fashioned perceptional) physical etc formulas but (re)constructions processes, changeably programs of… “species” of… biologically, chemically, physically, cosmically technologically…economically systems.

This way we can coordinate more efficient co-existence with the environment in us and beyond and… with us.

Any reconstruction is potentially a breakthrough issue, extra-constitutionally, constructionally reinforced energy source (work)efficiency(so practicallymagically” more energy) for symmetry of any processes in life and space.

Economics but …outer selective economics constructions’ mechanism help to an improved level of (apparently anyway) balanced symmetry figures…so asymmetry contribution for the balanced classic symmetry of any enterprise of development or at least existence. We can break obstacles apparently impossible or very costly for achieving any goals by normally not reconstructed, not re-created way.

So we speak about new constructions ideas, organizations of selective systems to go through more efficient mechanisms of classical physics, biology, astronomy, (current)technology, economy make them more selective on behalf of our needs, potential our existence dignity and development and… a miracle of our ingenuity(endless process-construction energy efficiency) potential.

This constructive selective economics shall we treat more like…aeconomics than anti-economics character, process…Like with religion issue, this not against God or nature system this is more likely as a competitive reconstructive system, a parallel system (atheism? No! We can accept another systems and gods but not as submissive irresponsible children or stones!) compared for other concepts, beliefs, attitudes, really actions of/for systems andGods… Some more independent enterprises breaking organizationally… economics obstacles to gain re-creation goals in a special enterprise organization systems.

Foundations can by the more aware way for the more efficient selective organization of more human (socialnot asocial) and citizen way for an outer competitive system of development, that link the classic way with very bold newer, globally, very vital impact, enterprises.

Breaking inert economic, technology, scientific, religions, social, politically obstacles for further really cosmic, existence and development by enterprises support by economic free market crossed with (regulated by tax system) public… foundation as very efficient sources for further development economically but also socially, physical, biological, ecological both for by the public and private enterprises. Pushed forward public and normally business enterprises’ systems more positively crossing/impacting whole global system for reconstructions…re-creation more and more on our mode(dreams).

To be continued for an asymmetric multiplicating hyperpower…a magic wand.

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