Re-creation. Part 3.a.Hyperpower of a human magic wand of reconstruction in worlds/levels of systems/civilizations.

Monster of system economics in us and beyond.
To this monstrous, inert, ruthless in an intrinsic genetic software of the economic machine of this macro and microcosmos, we need a safety valve, but also an efficient sail, steering wheel to … accelerate this monster as well.

This is not only about climate security but about any security against the crises of this dispersed machine … which will always be spreading.
It is about not giving in to the stream of annihilation – energy, economic and physical consumption, and at the same time creating a more conscious mechanism of global re-structurization of the nature of its genome or program, we can participate in this (micro and macro) cosmic race, active as a partner, competitor.
The rate, as I wrote, is not just a matter of passive climate-vegetation but further than natural development, among others, climatic, planetary, physical, biological, genetic engineering, etc.

What is the point here? I am not accepting natural relations – “natural diseases or ailments … biological, physical … also lack acceptance of inviolable axioms (symmetrical … but in fact absolute infinite relations” of competence “of program structures only at a certain level) of economic, natural, physical, chemical, biological, mathematical formulas … illusory indicating the unchanging model of the world, life, the cosmos, etc.

In the aspect of programming … generating biological processes, physical etc with the help of a restructuring system of robotization of automation … the whole economic complex focused on … unbalanced modeling of nature, as it always was in the process of our civilization development, but on the principles of increasing on higher, newer, levels of process (re)construction (please not separate words process and construction!).

And this is the magic difference of the transformations, whose actions, effectiveness, purposefulness, we can improve, accelerate to infinity.
We are in a moment and a place where our practically infinite technological and mental potential is able to implement immediately.

The above-described co-responsibility is as an absolute real indicator of transformations in the field of science, economy that breaks all illusions (static) formulas describing nature (biology, ecosystems, physics, etc.) and social, autonomous natural economy as well as our human economy.
The lack of a clear location of this indicator is (evolutionary) physical and moral self-suicidal.

Co-responsibility (empathy) for the environment is real humanity (homo sapiens) and the prospect of a better tomorrow but also better today and now, and the lack of the co-responsibility is objectifying = primitivizing yourself and the environment-selling ourselves…to…devil, the automatic degradation of ourselves and the environment by illusory of temporary profits, pleasures.

Why write about it?
It is about stopping the pseudo-economics(classic economy) style of thinking the so-called natural passive or indifferent or static approach of nature in favor of … a-ekonomics, of artificial economics, of selective economics, if it can be called economics… or better to say artificial selective generating.

Not being surrender to selling to process of fertilization but restructuring, uploading own position in evolution, moving own position to a higher level of consciousness and co-responsibility against the fate of its own and own surroundings.
Growing up to be a homo sapiens, not just a natural passive fertilizer that selling off to a devil of degradation, but through decisions and building stopping the natural degradation (life and space)gene.

It is already about the test, parallel development of structures supporting development, parallel service of the external and internal environment, that is, replacing the economic skeleton of ecological living space on the level of physical-biological space technological … economic and social processes.

It is about accepting the power of absolute energy = selective economics, structural process economics
and co-responsibility … even when it comes to abandoning this power.

All the processes of structures, life, and space that I realize are also a derivative of structures overgrowing the level of the known cosmos on the micro and macro scale, but our contribution to the level we are currently mastering … to master further and can grow at a geometric rate. Areas are known to us using telescopes and microscopes … but no worries, new constructions will increase perception and what goes next go process control and vice versa in a more and more powerful range.

Here is the other position of the man in space … the responsible Lord and ruler, what comes next, the total change in the mentality of the value of the meaning of the existence of the life of a social-economic unit of the scientific-technological existential
… No one will say such dogmatic stupidity that the trip to the black hole is just one-way nature, that the process of expanding the cosmos, for example, is not reversible, that human life cannot be longer than 200 or 200 million years, that… E=mc2.

We will no longer a point on the map of space
The space will a disappearing point …  for us.

An invention of the wheel, the flywheels of the development of civilization, the invention of reconstruction, automation is the further developmental wheel of development at the pace of the explosion, this is the enchanted wand.

Wheel, automation, their applications…The airplane … it’s not just wings and wheels … here is the need for further work.
It is a kind of electrical invention of processing, further transmission of structures.
Such an electrical domino effect … Energy constructions transform micro and macro cosmos of life and space.
It is the revival of the system and at the same time the discovery of its potential for the vitality of space, it’s systems …
Systems, civilizations ( with really different sizes and structures and processes) are among us, outside us and in us.
This is not only the exoticism of discovering, processing systems but also … the dignity of life systems.
There are no miracles or  (my) anti-laws of physics, but the physics so-called laws are unlawful usurpation or just a very provisional perception of construction. It’s going about laws of logic and laws of life, life of humanity and other systems … compromise … game? Fight for the dignity and life of everyone …in the struggle(game) of worlds.

Nature must be changed and it will be done.
And this the cosmic concept of hyper (r)evolution.
A humanitarian asymmetric, “a”economic hyper construction takeover of all natural processes.
Ingenuity as the key factor of any formula/genome process and structure.
Ingenuity for creative responsibility.
And this is the creative responsibility for your own present and future as the basic key to influencing all processes and structures of life and the whole environment.

to be continued

Ps. this and other sketch-arguments for life and space You can find in my new  (continuation of the previous brainstorm book) book

“100 verses for life and space re-creation” – nature must be changed and it will be done

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