Re-creation. Part 3.b. A wheel for life&space…reconstruction.

A wheel = – E=mc2 formula, and other perception and techniques (also not quite consistent with these and other classic laws of physics, biology, etc.) and their use by natural and supernatural phenomena according to the changing level and potential use and knowledge and technology…– =industrial automation technology park.

As with the invention of the wheel as well as its potentiala prepared potential of self-automatization- we need for further applications not only in the development of observation and description of nature but further expansion of this potential of the (automation)wheel or automatic industrial park for further increasing the perception (application) of the nature of this wheel, as well as applying it at higher and higher levels, breaking the next barriers, automatically increasing its developing speed potential, workshop at a pace that can match and overcome the evolutionary mechanisms of creation of nature … science, technology economics and…mentality.

The park must be a huge, huge model of the experiment¬†–¬†our planet is too delicate for such hyper experiments (hyper huge self-replicating automatic industry park), that is for a new evolution, at some higher levels, which have to outweigh the present … life, time (processes), changing and interchangeably into mechanisms, biology, space, physics- E = mc2 etc, that is entering into structures previously recognized as unavailable, unchangeable, unexpected in the evolutionary process and our current process (of thinking), of the current pace of technological development, industrial development, complex, industrial potential.

What is going on?

For the application of this invention of the wheel, this self-replicating automation production, where like Incas we could not or have not had conditions (mountain environment) to use them … We will create conditions (hyper-industrial automation park), the chance to apply (discover its possibilities and applications) wheel. We are afraid of the consequences of this artificial cosmic boom. This is about our safety, life, and development if we do not want to be in the role of ordinary worms. And then please do not count on any considerations or mercy from God or nature system, because of we, and only we are responsible for our fate, for that we will not be crushed by evolution … (temporarily)laws of the evolution of physics, biology. The use of this cosmic automatic modeling of park production for further development and security gives a further basis for ideas of novelties to the so-called normal life and economy … a policy that ranks with the pace or higher than know for now level of creation and …evolution of creation.

Not forget we still not cope with nature…evolution, we still in a loser position.

to be continued

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