Re-creation. Part 4.a. Asymmetrical structural advantage of scale. Sketches.

Mutating (transgenation) industrial park for the predominance of physical/non-physical scale.

Suggestive takeovers of the system of nature.

The advantage of the “physical” scale for overturning classic biological, physical relations.
The process construction advantage over all known physical ratios of mass-energy etc is the same in other systems of physical, biological etc laws.
The economics of this advantage for dragging the effects of the so-called classical symmetrical approach to phenomena and situations to your side even in opposite situations.

The greater the complexity of artificial structures in relation to natural structures in physics, biology etc, the greater chance, basics of advantage efficiency, flexibility, a precision of the structure of processes(process control) in responding to phenomena found naturally or earlier artificially created.
Re-creation, self-fertilization (“dinosaur fertilizers”) of the cosmic industrial park. It retraces transgenation ceaselessly and at the same time preserving his identity.
These cosmic investments and experiments have always been able to serve our lives directly … Ultimately, this feature of getting into … an industrial park will allow accumulating (in itself) this experiment-automatic industrial park also finally on our planet…finally on us, on our(life) cells, atoms(speed of the c too) on a geometric pace/this powerful pace is natural – still not use by us.
Increasing the structure inwards may be more intense than extensive, but the gigantic complexity of the structure will force us to go beyond our planet not only for the expansion of space and life in space but also for qualitative efficiency – life longevity, speed efficiency etc-inside macro and micro cosmos.

These especially automatically triggered gigantic artificial – asymmetrical- manages will allow us to take over … symmetrical (not asymmetric any more!) advantage in all classically symmetrical areas, which until now have not been achieved.

Artificial changes in environmental structures are conducive to these changes.
Constructional asymmetry artificially causing the advantage of eg 2 + 2 = 5 (this can be used in mathematics of…physics, etc … =constructive, economical selective E = mc2 + dynamic … so we can freely break all rules and so-called laws of nature, described by today’s( and still by yesterday) level of perception.
For this idea, one need a gigantic park of the hyper-automatic model = environment as for the Inca wheel, flat terrain (certain -artificial-environment needed) … too – The uses of cosmonautics (cosmonautical park) as a further invention way in life and just as in hyper automation in the evolution of life and the cosmos mutually.

to be continued with the advantage puzzle for life and space explanation and further constructing.

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