Re-creation. Part 4.b. The greater automation complexity the greater control advantage up to nature.

Artificial industrial self-replicating complexes modeling parks to cross the barriers of existence and development. The greater the complexity of artificial structures in relation to natural structures the greater basic of advantage efficiency of process control in nature in any size, speed, space and time.
The goal in the issue is speeding up the process automatically.

Open entries of automatic- game-like – modeling structure for overcoming natural barriers to life and development

Artificial driving complexity. It’s like artificially increasing the synapse connections in the brain to increase its efficiency in thinking and further processing the environment of its own nature – inter alia genetic – in itself for the predominance of scale in the symmetry of natural relations.
It would be a kind of structural asymmetrical predominance, and further allowing for a symmetrical predominance in the relationship of relations in nature, on the scale of any asymmetrical transformations dependent on these structural transformations, those reconstructions and programming sparks of the cosmos and life in the cosmos.

You have to go to a higher level of constructing to win on the lower, to overcome barriers breaking, that would impossible from a lower level of construction.

So reconstruction = asymmetry higher level causing taking advantage of symmetrical advantage over the current level of technological or natural symmetry.

One need establishment of such parks of structural precursors of asymmetric changes for symmetrical arbitrary dominance in any topic – life length, maximum speed, etc.
Starting breeding mutating, automatic self-replicating inwards(that partly help to overcome enormous grow of size facility of the parks) matters of the park industrial model parks, precursors of new cells, organisms, systems that are to enter as a supplement (or more) into atomic cell systems in us, our planet of the atmosphere, every organism, system of other planets, stars, etc.
If one could think that is for dangerous we can put entire production on Mercury, Moon by few probes.

With the help of modified wave particles accelerated telecommunications … teleportation, like-radio waves system and more remote control, which will accelerate the engineering of stars, all cosmic spaces … genetic engineering of planets, cosmos, also cosmos in us, atoms, cells …
changing genetics – ie structure, programming, programming processes on the increasingly interesting levels of the cosmic, biological environment, raising it to our needs so the asymmetric changes in the whole environment for definitive advantage in the field of symmetry in the matter of physical, biological, chemical, medical aspects.
Often it will be autonomous engineering. Mostly autonomous supported artificial intelligence, and of course, decisively supported reconstructive remote control.

Science and technological potential on different levels of perception … manipulation.
Natural phenomena, etc. at various levels of complexity, which changes their potential … efficiency completely disprove static – one-level approach – eg definition of mass, energy, speed, time (where exactly a static, one-level approach to time-meter of process speed process has been refuted) )
We are talking about levels … nature is known to have an infinite number of fluid levels of complexity – our current knowledge and reconstructive potential determine these levels. We can jump over (flow) to higher gradually – using self-replicating geometric tempo- so at given levels, surpass this nature, chase the evolution of life, the environment in us and beyond, … environments, systems overlapping in varying levels and relationships – something like Russian babushka, one on another, but in billions of more complicated relations.
For example, our civilization = system, the known cosmos can be an infinitely small part of the higher space and civilization = systems, and these tiny part of even higher civilizations = systems. The same applies in the micro version, where we humans, the organism, the cell, the atom can be the superior over the smaller systems = civilizations = organisms trillions x trillion times smaller.

We are talking about investing (accelerating) and recycling the old parts of the industrial park complex … That will also be the parks of our bodies, entire planets, atoms, stars, entire cosmic and microcosmic areas.

To be continuing in our life and space…breeding.

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