An arms race strategy for an advantage over evolution and natural structures. Part 1.a. Artificial war.

We continue – you can also throw ideas, concepts of our position in life and space-  space brainstorm. Arithmetic equation with many factors known and unknowns, steady and moving …
And here I present a group of these factors equation to solve …

The awareness of the mechanisms (economics) of functioning, existence, development.
Constructing, building an advantage over the old processes of natural and artificial structures by means of the developed potential of a structural, automatic, self-replicating, economic and organizational park for controlling, taking over, surpassing the phenomena of old (created by a man too) and natural structures trillions …. fold.

Artificially driven, seasoned soup … evolutionary in a specific direction of our environment control, our bodies, cells, economics … but also at distances (telecommunication …) so driven and controlled evolution soup on other macro and micro space objects .. very distant, very large, very small.

Repeated driving … transformation, absolute automatic autonomic acceleration directed to the edges of the known cosmos and microcosm and further into completely new worlds, cosmos, dimensions, spaces with increasing power and velocity speed exceeding all known values and laws definitively.

The more automatically, the more complicated automation, the many times greater chance to deal with natural barriers to life (min disease, climate) and development (eg space exploration). Automation as the invention of the wheel (hyper supplement of arms and legs) can raise the level of our existence to infinity. It depends on the conditions (acceleration) that we will create for automatic industrial parks. Unless we want a lazy (mentally) stone or a philosophical worm to count on fate, the grace of nature or God.
War games
An artificial war between teams of robots for gymnastics, in the development of computer science, the need for parallel development of automatic hands, manual apparatus or powerful teams of robots … a specific vaccine model for … combat. defense arms, an attack in the natural evolutionary world, cosmic competition … It is about arranging a specific, artificial race of these arms with teams of competitive robotic systems … on the planet Mercury.
strategic, war construction games using instinct and the potential of modern young players … but also the peaceful use of real defense potential of today.

An illusion of temporary one-level
capturing the phenomena of physical mechanisms, systematic etc … organizational in a symmetrical approach.
The concept of asymmetrical approach to phenomena goes beyond the one-level approach to the subject of structured processes.
Here we are talking about the consumption (very temporary) flat depiction of the subject of developmental economy, but also physical, biological and mental. Always this illusion or limitation of the mechanism of its attunement to the so-called unrecognized expectations of the level of our world’s construction, as well as the threat of construction from beyond the perception of seeing, acting at a given time and level … of space.
the topic is open, let’s expand the structure of action … the mechanisms for these other levels at the given current level are treated as asymmetrical ….
The foundation of sense, the direction of development is just recreation … entertainment.
Entertainment, but the balance of the construction of the foundations of our existence … for entertainment, which determines the directions of development and vice versa, but as long as this production of sustaining this entertainment will be sustained to keep on the surface of these evolutions inside and outside (this is one organism at different levels … worlds … wars of the world.
So this … orgasm entertainment, let’s not forget to protect our entertainment life, which involuntarily will affect and influence … acquiring space, modeling great constructions to create bricks that support the mechanisms of existence, development according to our pastimes, ambitions and … mutating environment inside and outside … These environments are merging into each other.

The more complicated mechanism, the complex thinks> the IT complex and the machine tools in this artificial evolution.
The structure of process teams … of words, construction programs … So the tools and thoughts> the most important connection (reins) of this, but the right elasticity gives greater chances of intended development … explosive

Construction of hyper teams of space robots (cosmic investments determine the chances of our biological existence and another on the earth … cosmos)
A self-replicating set of robots that are to be expanded to complicate inwards … is just like life … is being created to support the reconstruction of the repair of the life of each of us, each organism of interest to us, and especially to each of us individually.


The vaccine as a complex
Automatic self-replicating to the protective and qualitative needs of life and development, in the initial version as large self-replicating (as in the bacterial cultures of the vaccine) accelerating models,
introducing a Trojan horse or vaccine,
which are designed to refute the known defense mechanisms, the resilient evolutionary biological nature of the physical … economic negative for the lower … organisms, at the given standard levels.
This Trojan horse as an asymmetric factor from beyond the levels known to us …
we are talking about parallel construction processes aimed at interfering with classical levels, taking them over, omitting them, taking “toys” to another level of embracing the problem … transforming this problem, its environment

Mental organizational importance.
Rejection of negative mutation changes, these are constant factors with which usually vaccine methods – also a geometric tool for the rate of development – etc. is not enough. Hyper mutating automation is to maintain a moving, whirling balance of life. It is supposed to be carried out autonomously, flexible in accordance with our thinking in this whirling, mutating specific life vaccine … in this artificial intelligent and robotic (mental also) arms race in this merciless battle for death and life …


to be continued with the equation outline of automatic, IT, economic complex models in an accelerator of an artificial-made competitive mutual modeling environment.

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